13 SEO Alternatives To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

13 SEO Alternatives To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

SEO is not everything, but it is something you cannot ignore forever. There are some SEO alternatives to drive traffic to your website.

It is noted that new companies and websites are looking for alternatives to SEO traffic. And that makes sense because when your site is new, search engines almost never notice. At this stage, SEO alternative sources are your main source of traffic.

Whatever the reason, remember that SEO drives 53.3% of all paid, social and other traffic, 46.7%. See the survey conducted by BrightEdge.

13 SEO Alternatives To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Now let’s get to the point: what are some SEO alternatives?

First of all, it is paid, then social and then referred. Let’s analyze these sources step by step.

Best SEO Alternatives In 2020

Paid Traffic:

Gone those days when people used to visit websites using a directory like Alta Vista (no kidding). Most of the traffic now comes from search engines like Google and Bing. If you do not have a high ranking in the search engine and want to get traffic, your first option is to buy traffic, people call it paid traffic.

Paid search engine traffic:

Since 10% of all traffic is directed by a paid channel, it is a really excellent SEO alternative.

In fact, most startups that burn money start here. If you have a lot of money, your traffic is fine.

There are different types of paid traffic, one is the well-known Adword or googles paid traffic. There are also other types of paid traffic.

Social network ads:

You can display ads on most social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Banner ads:

you like a site that receives many successes and its traffic is reasonably within the range of target audience. Place a banner on that site for a fee (sometimes a large amount) and you will get traffic (maybe not much).

Contextual ads:

This type of ad was in full swing at the beginning of 2010, but don’t be discouraged because it’s still on the rise. Simply write an article (some sites will provide the content of the fee is swallowed) and provide a link to your site.

Many people did not advertise within an article to get traffic, most did it just to get the link juice. But the kind of people who did it in traffic still does it today.

Referral traffic

Technically, any traffic that originates from a mechanism other than a search engine is called referral traffic. When a user searches for information and finds a link on a reliable website, follow that link. It is not direct traffic because the user did not enter their website address in the address bar. Reference traffic is an interesting indicator of its authority and network capacity.

Guest publishing:

Guest posting will not only increase your referral traffic, it will establish you as an authority, but will also help you gain a high position in the search engine. Although you can certainly do this by spending a lot of money on it, or you can use services like BuzzSumo and find free guests post opportunities.

Video publishing:

Video publishing (training/tutorial/infotainment) can become a massive source of your referral traffic if done correctly. On the subject, detailed and professionally created videos (without the common cliché elements, of course) can help drive traffic to your site. There are several tutorials on YouTube on how to create, edit and produce a professional video on any topic.

Answering questions on Quora:

This is real. There are so many people writing their answers to make the world a better place. And there are others who write an answer just to get some traffic. And that is not bad, as long as it does not break the Quora Terms of Service and hurt anyone’s feelings.

There is a buzz about this:

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Blog comments:

13 SEO Alternatives To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

even a few years ago, there would be no blogger who did not use these techniques to capture traffic and get the juice of SEO links. Most of the time, they used the arrogant comment style that is right in the center of the spam.

There are ways to do it ethically, which helps both parties. If you leave a genuine and thoughtful comment in a popular post, there are likely to be people who wish to connect with you, access the site and even buy.

Participation in the forum:

although this method has been eliminated over the years, it is quite similar to blog comments. Except that, in the comments of the forum, you should participate in a conversation and give your opinion on various topics.

Social media marketing

13 SEO Alternatives To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Social media sometimes social networks can be your main traffic indicator if you use it correctly (and I’m not talking about advertising). For example, if your website/blog is about cooking, you will definitely get traffic on Pinterest and Instagram.

Do not trust my word, read this article:

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Other SEO alternatives

Email marketing:

cliché or not email is not yet dead. Around 270 billion emails were sent today (24 hours). Although almost half of them were spam, considerable email was used to promote business and generate traffic.

Cold email is an old method that people use to attract new people to the site and make sales happen.


Do you have a friend who has a lot of traffic? Simply offer the reader something crazy (coupon code, free access, tools that are worth $$$, etc.). Your friend will be happy to offer the offer because his readers will be happy in the meantime. You will also be happy to receive new visitors. It is a winning victory.

There are several other ways to get traffic without SEO. Some of the ways worth mentioning are infographics, highlights in a podcast or interview, guest blog, writing on Tumblr, republication, etc.

Market Digitally

The term digital market can mean many different things for different people, for example, SEO, CPC, local search, mobile devices, etc. An alternative to these, but still digital marketing, is digital content marketing or some might call it a form of inbound marketing.

Write a blog post, reports, white papers, electronic books, research documents, and videos and make them available on different distribution channels. Write regular blog posts and distribute them through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

On your website, make your reports, white papers and electronic books available and offer an option for potential customers to download them, using the landing page to capture contact information. Get double use of this landing page by distributing a message with a link to the landing page through social networks.

You can also use a third-party landing page instead of a permanent page on your site, but I like having the page on the site, since it offers some additional SEO benefit, if the content matches the keywords on the sites.

Link strategy.

Develop online relationships with other sites that support your product or service and link them to your site.

After linking the site, contact the site’s webmaster and ask him to do so. Submit the articles you have written to other sites that publish articles. There are many on the web. A popular website is http://www.ezinearticles.com, but there are hundreds more. Find several and send your articles.

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