11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

If you had told me nine years ago that 250 million people would explore images on a website called Pinterest, I could have confused you with someone who was trying too hard to maintain their “early adopter” status.

However, what was once a simple photo-sharing site now generates 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than Facebook.

Pinterest is one of those revolutionary social media channels that we really didn’t know we needed.

Pinterest is an IRL version of how I feel shopping at Target. Or when my favorite 90’s song appears in the car and I sing how close James Corden is to me.

Pinterest is a collection of secret weapons that you didn’t know you needed for your home, the inspiration for your next logo design or vacation search.

But the best thing about Pinterest is that, unlike other social channels, it is a very low commitment. As Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest, told Fortune, “Pinterest is self-serving.”

In this article, I will describe all the goals and objectives of your Pinterest marketing strategy, including how to reach your followers, what to post, how to measure and more.

Let’s dive …

How To Reach Your Business Goals and Objectives on Pinterest

In 2018, Pinterest conducted a study of more than 4,000 weekly Pinners on their buying habits. Here are two great highlights of what they found:

  • 90% of weekly Pinners use the application to make purchase decisions.
  • 9% use Pinterest to get more information about their purchases.

Pinterest is impacting what people buy.

Although the platform may not provide the level of scale and scope of other social channels, it has become a more advanced purchasing system on the platform.

Before entering and creating your Pins, it is important to think about why your brand is using Pinterest and what you want to achieve.

Ask yourself: how will Pinterest benefit my business?

Here are three main objectives that I intend to achieve in all the brands that I manage on Pinterest.

#1. Create Brand Value With Pinterest

You can strengthen the image and exposure of your brand with Pinterest.

By engaging 77% of Pinners who have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest, you can start creating the value of your brand.

Pinterest conducted an internal study of brand growth comparing the Pinners who saw Promoted Pines with the Pinners who did not, the people who saw them had a 40% greater perception of new products and a 50% greater purchase intention.

And, with Pinners doing almost three months of research before buying, you want to leave a memorable mark during the purchase cycle.

#2. Drive traffic From Pinterest

Need more website traffic? Join the club

Brands that use Pinterest have been successful in raising awareness and reaching users.

Anna Runyan used Pinterest to increase page visits on her website focused on her career from 100,000 to 500,000 visits per month.

57th. design shares that 50 to 60% of traffic to their sites comes from Pinterest.

11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

Side Hustle Nation grew from 479 visits to 11,733 Pinterest visits in just two months.

Not to mention that Pinterest redesigned its feed to help increase referral traffic.

11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

The traffic is there. It’s your choice. I will show you how if you keep reading.

#3. Increase sales and new customers.

Developing the brand value is excellent.

Driving traffic is better.

Increasing the final result, the better.

And many brands are taking advantage of this.

Brilliant Business Moms used Pinterest to generate $ 15,000 in sales.

Gravity Blankets experienced a 2x increase in sales and a 58% lower cost per acquisition.

Pinterest has almost all the opportunities that an e-commerce brand may need to increase ROI.

And, with the company hiring former Wal-Mart CTO Jeremy King as the new engineering chief, we can expect more improvements in e-commerce.

You can already see some of the new improvements in electronic commerce.

So, to make sure brands get their correction from Pinterest, let’s go straight to the source and show you how to achieve all those goals on Pinterest.

How to Reach & Grow Your Business on Pinterest

Guess how many pins there are?

There are 175 billion pins!

With 175 billion pins, how do you enter the feed? Let’s show you how.

#1. Install Save Pinterest Button

Make it easy for people to pin content directly from your site by installing the Save Pinterest button on your site.

The more people use the Save button, the more content they will add to Pinterest for you.

After AllRecipes.com added the Save to site button, they saw that more than 50,000 of their recipes were saved on Pinterest.

The result? 130 million total impressions.

#2. Apply Foor Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide more actionable data for your audience. Think of it as the Big Mac for Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

There are four types of Rich Pins: application, product, recipe, and article.

About.com experienced a 40% traffic increase when it started using Rich Pins.

If you plan to fix any of these four types above, I recommend applying the rich pins.

#3. Pinterest Tag

If you are thinking of advertising on Pinterest, install the Pinterest tag.

Pinterest has been improving its advertising platform.

They recently launched a conversion optimization ads option that allows brands to track visitor actions after viewing ads on Pinterest.

Flaviar saw 409% more traffic and an 8-fold increase in potential customers compared to October 2018 compared to the previous month when testing conversion optimization.

Trust me, you want to install the Pinterest tag.

#4. Product Pins

We all know that Pinterest and e-commerce go hand in hand, like PB&J.

That is why you need to work with your developer to install the product pins. The product pins provide users with a link where they can make a purchase.

#5. Nail Your Images

Brands, remove your subscription from any stock photography site. Pinterest users want unique custom images for their brand.

Here are some quick tips to make a lasting impression with your images on Pinterest.

Design for a mobile experience. Almost 85% of Pinterest searches are performed on mobile devices. This means that you want high-quality images with a high proportion. Pinterest states that the best aspect ratios are between 2: 3 and 1: 3.5 (width and height), with a minimum width of 600 pixels. Look what Target did next.

11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

Enter your logo and product naturally in the image. By integrating your logo or watermark into your images, you still get exposure while maintaining a less obvious and tasteful brand image. This is what Keurig did.

11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

Use lifestyle images and text overlays. Give your customers an idea of ​​the product with lifestyle photos.

#6. Keep Things Simple In The Descriptions.

The descriptions of the products on Pinterest are where the fun begins. And, if you’re an SEO, you know that part of the game very well.

Here are some quick tips to help you optimize your product descriptions:

  • Keep between 200 and 500 characters.
  • Always include a price.
  • Always include your brand
  • Use hashtags in all their descriptions. Hashtags are used for topics of relevant trends related to your PIN, so keep it specific. If you are not sure what hashtags to use, use the autocomplete suggestions in the Pinterest search bar as a guide.
  • Mention or label other people in your description.

#7. Optimize Your Board

Similar to your pin descriptions, you want to optimize your Pinterest board as an SEO. That’s how:

  • Perform a keyword search to determine your main keywords. These main keywords should become the title of your board.
  • Write a description of the board. You have 500 characters to complete, so use everything. You can also add a call to action and a URL to explore more products on your site.
  • Create only panels that you can fill. For example, if you sell clothes, you don’t want a title in the “Red shoes” box. The title of your board may be broader, such as “Shoes.”
  • Repeat the title of your board in the description of the board.
  • Create a cover photo for your frame. The graphic must be 217 x 147 pixels.

#8. Engage With Followers

Like any social channel, networks and collaboration are vital to its success. It’s like making candy with rice without marshmallows. This does not work

Pinterest the ideal platform for associations. Here are some strategies you can use on Pinterest to involve the following:

Start a group board. Last year, Pinterest released the group’s signals. This allows you to add collaborators to the frames so that you can anchor them to the same frame.

Comment on the pins. Enjoy the Popular section on Pinterest. Find a popular Pin and enter a useful and useful Pin. Do this two or three times a day.

Follow others. I follow 100 to 300 new people a day, three days a week. Try to find people with similar interests (maybe your competitors?).

Create an influential campaign. Pinterest has partnered with influencer marketing platforms such as OpenInfluence, Hypr, Klear, AspireIQ, Mavrck, Izea, Influence.co and Obvious.ly. This means that soon there will be good news for Pinterest and influencers marketing, so you should have an advantage.

It’s about returning to the human side of marketing.

#9. Invest in promoted pins

Promoted pins resemble the normal pins that companies pay to promote. They appear in the startup feed, category feeds and relevant search results. like this

11 Strategies To Achieve Explosive Growth on Pinterest

Even better?

Promoted pins generally receive $ 2 in earnings for every $ 1 spent on advertising costs.

LitJoy Crate saw an average of $ 3 to $ 5 per new customer, sometimes falling below $ 2. Its CPA is 70% lower than the average in all marketing channels.

And Careful Cents earned more than $ 1,200 in affiliate revenue in its Pinterest advertising campaign in just 30 days.

Try testing Promoted Pins with a small budget to determine if a larger investment is suitable for your business.

#10. Pin Frequently

Do you think that posting once or twice is enough on Pinterest? Think again

Publishing more frequently increases your commitment.

The buffer increased Pinterest’s engagement by 150%, setting it 10 times a day.

There are some interesting studies on how many pins are the best.

Trafficwonker.com conducted a study that found 72 pins a day achieving the best results. While others get 30-50 pins a day.

If your face was so afraid of the amount of content per day, you may want to try a tool like Tailwind that can help you manage this process.

If you’re not sure what to solve, Pinterest publishes studies on modern topics every year. It’s not enough to publish content that your customers don’t want to hear.

#11. Repin

While you want to continue generating traffic and sales, you also want to continue interacting and interacting with other repeating pins.

The repins are more or less like this: “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” The more you repeat other people’s content, the more likely they are to repeat yours as well.

In addition, repins are used in the Pinterest algorithm. The more repetitions, the more likely it is to appear in the search results.

Main themes to use Pinterest in your business

Pinterest is becoming more than a social network. It is changing the way people look for products.

Pinterest has always felt like the red-haired stepson of social networks. But that is because it is a search engine.

We just scratched the surface of Pinterest resources. It’s time for marketers to take a closer look at Pinterest.

As described by Ryan Probasco, one of Pinterest’s first engineers: “But I think the mission is huge: the idea that we can connect everyone involved with the things they love and help them discover new things they love. It is a human need. “

Only when we realize its potential will we find the solution to build a Pinterest marketing strategy that lasts.


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