12 Advance Practice For Writing SEO Headlines To Generate Traffic

12 Advance Practice For Writing SEO Headlines To Generate Traffic

Want to know how to write a headline that generates traffic and clicks?

The best headlines are:

  • Extremely relevant to the content
  • Contain a keyword
  • Generate interest

There is plenty of room to be creative and demonstrate value immediately.

While there is no exact science to write a Headline, there are useful tips for writing a Headline that will help you create a brilliant Headline.

Discover 11 best practices to write good SEO headlines.

#1. Let Keywords Drive You

If you are writing evergreen content, always do keywords research to discover what people are really looking for.

A slight difference in the wording can have a big impact on traffic.

Take this content, for example.

As with all content, I did keyword research in advance to identify what people are really looking for.

I limited you to these key phrases based on your monthly search volume:

  • Tips for writing Headline: 360
  • How to write a Headline: 360
  • Good headlines: 390
  • How to write a good headline: 170

By choosing a relevant keyword phrase with the highest search volume, I can increase the ROI of the content.

So I chose “tips for writing Headline” as my main keyword (and, of course, I can use the others as supporting keywords).

As you can see, the Headline of this content is “12 Advance Practice for writing Seo headlines to generate traffic.”

It is rich in keywords, relevant and (hopefully) demonstrates value.

#2. Create Multiple Headline

If you encounter many writer’s blockages and cannot make a headline that really impresses your imagination, try writing a lot!

Discussing multiple headlines will really make your creative juices flow, and eventually, you will get something excellent.

#3. Know That Sometimes Sweet And Short is Good

Sometimes we need to get straight to the point.

Not all headlines need to be lengthy. Sometimes being direct and direct is a better approach; so don’t automatically discard a potential Headline just because it’s short.

#4. Pull a Quote from the Article

Another option to create a good Headline is to get a content quote.

The quotation, of course, must be on the subject of the article as a whole.

Remember a technical question: unlike the body copy, the quotes in the headings should always appear in single quotes, according to the style of the Associated Press.

#5. Take Advantage of Convincing Statistics

Consider placing a powerful statistic directly in the Headline.

That’s what Matt Southern did in this article: “91% of brands are moving towards internal digital marketing.”

#6. See Competitors’ Headlines

If you’re stuck and can’t be a good headline, look for your competitor’s content to get inspired.
You can never copy them, of course.

But you can see what your successful competitors are to get some ideas and create your own variations on this topic.

#7. Capitalize a Word

Very occasionally, you can capitalize on a word.

This will immediately give your Headline a sense of urgency and urgency.

I like to use this occasion to give a Headline.

However, use it sparingly, it is not for all items, always.

#8. Use a Question

What questions does your article answer?

The question itself can sometimes be a good Headline.

If you are writing a guide for the Facebook algorithm, a headline like “What is the Facebook algorithm? 10 things you need to know” would be perfect.

Potential readers will know in advance exactly what question your content will answer, which is valuable.

#9. Don’t Forget a Call To Action

Whenever possible, add a call to action in the Headline.

Use terms such as discover, learn, discover, understand, etc. so that your reader feels that he is making a choice enabled by clicking on the content.

#10. Use a Number

Studies have shown that including a number in your headlines generates clicks.

Note: The Associated Press states that headlines that start with a number must spell the number.

You must also specify numbers from one to nine, including nine.

However, online, where attention periods are short and space are precious, numbers, rather than detailed numbers, tend to work better.

It’s still good to know the rule, even if you want to break it.

#11. Test Out the Headline: would you click on it?

Not sure if the Headline is good or not?

Use this simple test: would you click?

Put yourself in the place of the reader and consider whether the headline will intrigue you.

If you’re great, you’ve found a winner.

Otherwise, continue brainstorming: go back to this list of tips for writing headlines and consult it when you feel trapped!


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