9 Proven Tactics To Drive More Traffic From LinkedIn

9 Proven Tactics To Drive More Traffic From LinkedIn

With 400 million users and counting, LinkedIn has become the most useful social network for B2B sellers.

Facebook, Twitter and the rest are full and loud. Of course, LinkedIn is also busy, but it is a destination for people to connect with colleagues and learn about their industry. If you want to drive traffic to your B2B blog, this is your platform.

According to an Econsultancy study, “LinkedIn is now responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.”

9 Proven Tactics To Drive More Traffic From LinkedIn
Image Credit: Econsultancy

Even crazier, 90% of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and LinkedIn accounts for more than half. If you don’t understand this, more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an incredible source of traffic and probably totally underutilized in your own marketing. In case you didn’t catch that, Don’t worry, we have everything you need. Here are 8 ways to drive high-quality traffic from LinkedIn to your website.

Complete Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression on the site. Make a good one.

Create a brand company page. Make your company’s page personal, professional and memorable. One of the best ways to do it is through the banner image: keep the brand, but personalized.

Include your logo for brand recognition on the website and to further develop the confidence of your market. Tell a brief story about your company’s history in the “about” section.

Complete your personal profile. As a content marketer, blogger, small business owner, sales manager or CEO, you are likely to use LinkedIn to connect.

People are people, and we interact better with a real person than with a business. Complete your personal profile with a personalized and professional summary. Take a professional but friendly headshot.

Include a link to your blog, as well as your website in your company and your personal profile.

Tips to complete your profile:

  1. Create a cozy and reliable business profile that succinctly says who you are.
  2. Make a complete personal profile, with a professional and friendly headshot.
  3. Include a link to your blog and website in your company and personal profile.

Join Linkedin Group

Now, let’s turn some people to your profile. Joining and participating in groups can be an excellent way to do it.

One of the golden rules of content marketing is that you can’t expect to get traffic without returning something. You usually give it courage, knowledge, and inspiration. The same goes for LinkedIn, but I recommend taking off your marketing hat to start.

LinkedIn groups here are a huge directory, are a great way to interact with colleagues and potential customers. The promotion is often frowned upon, so you should feel comfortable in discussions that do not generate immediate traffic to your site.

The more you help people, the more profile views you get. And if you have added media as described above, you are in an excellent position to gain traffic.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Step 1: browse the directory or use the search bar to search for groups. Use filters to see only groups.

You can see that a search for “email marketing” yields more than 900 results and hundreds of thousands of users. Join the most specific groups first and start participating before joining more.

At first, it can be impressive, as you will start receiving emails and notifications from each group. It is better to try some groups so you can fail small before trying to expand this strategy.

9 Proven Tactics To Drive More Traffic From LinkedIn

Step 2: Then read the rules! Most groups describe how to prevent being prohibited from self-promotion. See the “About” page of the group.

Step 3: Introduce yourself. There is usually a fixed theme for presentations. Say hello and explain what you do. It’s okay to link to your site, but don’t start selling yet.

Now is the time to start commenting. Log in to answer questions, provide guidance and congratulate other members. The goal is not to generate traffic directly, but to generate profile views. The more people visit your profile, the more they will click on your site.

Build Your Connections

Find people you know on LinkedIn. I think LinkedIn is my modern Rolodex. The website is an incredible way to keep in touch with all your business contacts and develop your network.

To grow your LinkedIn network, connect with people:

  • you work (and you worked) with
  • you studied with
  • who are email contacts
  • Do you know LinkedIn groups?
  • that present your current contacts
  • you found yourself disconnected in network events
  • that have connected to you on other social sites
  • who are your customers
  • who are your business partners

The more connections you have, the more people will see your LinkedIn status updates.


Use a personalized LinkedIn annotation when creating your network.

9 Proven Tactics To Drive More Traffic From LinkedIn

Tips for building your LinkedIn connections:

  1. Search and connect with coworkers, business partners, alum, email contacts, customers and social media followers on LinkedIn.
  2. Use LinkedIn as a Rolodex: when networking with someone in person, connect with him on LinkedIn.
  3. The more connections you have, the more people will see your LinkedIn status updates.

Create a Company Page

A LinkedIn company page is a place where people can learn more about what you do. The personal profiles of your employees are excellent for sharing updates, but it is a good idea to centralize everything on a company page.

It is very easy to configure and there are instructions in the following video.

Invision, a design collaboration tool, did a great job of making your page attractive. They provide a brief and clear description of what they do and regularly share updates about the company and its content.

9 Proven Tactics To Drive More Traffic From LinkedIn

To drive people to your company page, ask each of your employees to link to the company page from their personal profile. Once this is done, all the mentions of the company will be linked directly to the company’s website.

Company pages may also include job advertisements and information about your product or service. As an additional bonus, company pages have a high ranking for organic brand searches.

Be Active

If you want to drive traffic to your blog from LinkedIn, you must be active and publish frequently on the site.

Post status updates a few times a week. This ensures that your commercial network frequently sees your friendly face and/or your company logo. The more you see your connections, the more trust you will create and the more likely you are to click on your blog. In addition, this trust can become potential customers or partners.

Don’t spam your network. Use your judgment (or analysis) to determine how many times a week you should post.

Post links to articles on your blog. Use LinkedIn to further promote relationships by inviting your contacts to also connect to your business blog.

Post links to other articles. If you don’t have two or three articles in a week to publish, post links to other articles as well. For example, publish articles about news from your industry or from known industry leaders.

Add A Linkedin Share Button To Your Site

How to scale traffic to social sites?

Ask other people to do the work for you.

Sharing your own LinkedIn profile is a way to generate traffic, but it is limited to your network of colleagues on the site. It’s a great strategy, but it’s just scratching the surface.

Adding a LinkedIn button to your website is the easiest way to get others to share your content on the website. Even a handful of actions exposes their work to large networks of potential customers.

And, of course, the easiest and best way to add a LinkedIn button to your website is the Social Media Plugin.

Write Engaging and Interesting Content

Obviously, to drive traffic to your blog, you must create articles that are attractive to the LinkedIn market.

Create interesting content on your blog. Stick to a commercial theme for your articles that supports your business objectives and is related to your target market.

Create attractive content on your blog. Organize contests and sweepstakes, for example, to generate motivation to click on your site. If you are a B2B company, make a lottery to offer one of its services for free. Post on LinkedIn.

Many LinkedIn groups have a “Promotions” section, where companies can share offers, discounts, and gifts.

Tips for Writing Engaging and Interesting Content:

  1. Keep your readers interested in writing constantly on the topic of your business.
  2. Create compelling titles and images that appeal to your target market to read more.
  3. Host interactive content such as contests and raffles on your blog.

Republish The Content

There is only one reason to publish your content on sites other than yours: large audiences.

The 400 million LinkedIn users make it an attractive platform for marketers looking to reach new readers. Scout writer and seller Greg Ciotti wanted to see if LinkedIn’s publishing platform was worth his time and effort. Over the course of a month, he re-published 35 articles on LinkedIn. 255,262 visits later, he wrote about the experience on his blog.

It’s true that LinkedIn keeps these pages viewed and shows ads against it. This does not count for your own traffic, but it is a great opportunity to be discovered by new readers. It is also a great way to attract people to offers such as e-books and guides.

To accomplish this, Greg uses two simple strategies. First, he added a brief biography at the end of each post that included links to the home page and the Help Scout blog.

He then added a call to action that directs readers to one of the Help Scout customer service guides. By directing people to a specific resource, Greg has room to sell his value.

Follow LinkedIn influencers

LinkedIn Influencers were implemented earlier this year. It gives you the opportunity to find, follow and learn from the main influencers of your industry. The main influencers include artists such as Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Barack Obama, and Arianna Huffington.

(You can sign up to be one of them, but unless you already have strong followers elsewhere and directly on the website, you probably won’t even hear from LinkedIn about it.)

So how can you use LinkedIn Influencers to drive traffic to your blog?

Create a list of influencers to follow. Share your articles with your connections. Although this does not offer direct results for your blog, it shows itself as an industry leader for its followers. This creates your membership reputation and builds trust in your networks, which will generate more traffic to your blog.

Comment on influencer’s articles. Develop your network by intelligently commenting on the articles of influencers. They are some of the most read articles on LinkedIn, so get more visibility for your business by participating in them.

Also, get ideas for future blog posts from the most popular posts about Influencer. Link back the original post too. You never know to what extent this could lead to the development of your network.


Business professionals use LinkedIn. Make a network on the site, causing the correct impression, interacting with your connections, joining and participating in niche groups and sharing relevant information.

Apply these 9 networking tips to increase traffic to your business blog. Improve your investment in LinkedIn.

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