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Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Wikipedia is one of the largest, oldest and most trusted sites on the Internet, which makes Wikipedia backlinks one of the most powerful links on the planet. It is difficult to do a Google search for any term that does not include Wikipedia in the top 10. But are Wikipedia backlinks still as effective today as they used to be?

Well, let me tell you, they sure are!

The site, traffic, and authority will not go anywhere in the near future. Therefore, there is much to gain from Wikipedia backlinks. And in this article, I will show you how to create as many Wikipedia backlinks as you want, using only a few simple techniques. In addition to another very stealthy link building trick to get links from authority websites.

So, if you want to create unlimited links that place your site on the map, read …

Wikipedia appears in search results for most terms. It is a very authorized site, and the link from them is a strong endorsement of your site. Google loves a genuine Wikipedia link and should do so, as long as the actual moderators review the links, which is why you should link them.

In recent years, I have found an easy way to create simple and effective Wikipedia backlinks. Not only that but with my personal touch, you will also get links and traffic from other authorized sites!

A Wikipedia link will actually generate very relevant traffic to your site.

How much?

Because the entire site focuses on providing high-quality information in a specific search term to its readers. Whether the information is about:

Kevin Bacon
Olympic gold medalists
Stone polishing

The best part? If your site is linked from a Wikipedia page, it will generate additional links from other sites that want to refer to your site. Therefore, Wikipedia is not just a backlink, it is a natural traffic generating machine! And it is a place worth spending your time.

In the next section, I will cover the three main types of links that we will try to create on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Link Building

Creating links on Wikipedia is not as simple as saying …

“Hey, my article is better than that dudes! I want to be featured there instead.”

The way to create links on Wikipedia, although easy, must be done tactically. This means that there are three opportunities to create the links you are looking for:

  • Dead Link Opportunities
  • Broken Link Opportunities
  • Unique Link Opportunities

Let’s take a look at what each one is and how he identifies them on his own site.

Dead link opportunity

According to the Wikipedia definition, a dead link is used to describe a link that is no longer active. This means that the content that was on the other side of the link no longer exists.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

This tells Wikipedia moderators that the link must be repaired or updated.

And their content may be just the link they are looking for

Wikipedia is like any other site. Because there are so many links, hundreds of them are broken and almost impossible to follow in real-time.

So, your opportunity to create links here comes in the form of providing them with the content they need to complete that link. Simple truth?

Broken link opportunity

One of the tactics of building white hat links is to look for broken links on the web.

But this takes a lot of time and can often result in a lot of work instead of many results. However, if you are an experienced SEO, you realize that if the link is broken on Wikipedia, it will also be broken for all the sites that link it.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

With a broken link, you can find between five and five thousand link building opportunities, depending on the niche and the topic.

If you haven’t broken the link content yet, don’t worry, we’ll explore this later in this article.

Unique link opportunity

Everyone can create a Wikipedia account. And that means you have access to create your own link creation opportunities on specific pages.

In theory, I could enter and edit this page in keyword research and add my own links to my articles in the relevant sections.

This would be to add new content that improves the overall structure and information on the page. Either a new sentence, paragraph or a completely new section.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

But I do not recommend that you do this. Simply because all links must be approved by moderators. So, if a page suddenly has five new links, all pointing to a page, there is a good chance of being caught.

Instead, you must fulfill your duty as a good Wikipedia citizen and update the content, repair broken links and add new discoveries whenever possible.

So, if your article is included, it will be a good result for everyone involved.

The Optimal Point: Gather All These Opportunities

If you combine the dead link, the broken link, and the unique link opportunities, you will have a flexible and easy strategy to manage the Wikipedia backlink.

You can:

  • Use dead links to create Wikipedia backlinks
  • Use broken links to get links from the authority site
  • Include your own unique links on Wikipedia pages

If you can replicate this with four or five pages, the number of links you can create with specific and relevant pages continues to increase. This approach makes it much easier to get a serious link and relevant traffic!

But that brings us to an important question: How do you find all these link opportunities? Well, there is a really simple and free solution for this …

How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks Through WikiGrabber?

The best tool to find Wikipedia linking opportunities is WikiGrabber.

The tool has been updated in recent years and is really powerful:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

All you have to do is enter a search term and the site will return with a list of related pages on Wikipedia that need a reference or have a dead link.

It’s really easy to use, but let me guide you through the process …

How To Use WikiGrabber For Backlink?

All you have to do is enter a relevant search query in your niche, for example, you could use SEO, marketing, link building or social networks, etc.

In this example, I will search for the term search engine:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

This returns a list of pages on Wikipedia related to search engines, but that need to correct broken quotes or links.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

By default, you will see results that need quotes first and links second, but you can click the buttons at the top to filter them properly.

I realize that this Wikipedia page needs quotes and has a broken link:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

All I need to do is go to the page and press ctrl + f to open a search box and type the required appointment or dead link to find out where they are. Then you will see the result at the bottom of the page:

Simple and easy!

Sometimes, WikiGrabber is not updated in real-time, so it is useful to find many pages and look for those opportunities too. In case your vacancy has already been filled.

How to use Google to Get Wikipedia Backlinks?

If WikiGrabber does not resemble its type of tool (for some reason), all is not lost. You can also use the old Google to find your dead links.

Just go to Google and use this advanced query: “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

If I use this for a category similar to previous search engines, I receive too many pages that show a dead link:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

By clicking on one of them, I can use exactly the same ctrl + f method to find the dead link.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

This method is equally simple, but you will have to work a little harder to find the relevant pages. But it’s there if you need it.

So, now you know how to find broken link opportunities, see how you can get real links …

How To Build Wikipedia Backlinks Yourself?

Now it is armed with a Wikipedia linking tool, either WikiGrabber or Google Advanced Search, let’s look at a specific example, randomly selected: binoculars.

If I run this through WikiGrabber, you will find several pages about binoculars that have broken links:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

I will choose this option because it is hyper-relevant for the binoculars niche (based on the experience of zero binoculars):

And on the page we can confirm that yes, it has a dead link:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Now copy and paste the URL and go to the Wayback Machine tool.

Copy the link in the search bar and click Go:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

This will show us how the page looks before it is deleted. Read the content to see if it is related to your site. If it is relevant to your site, you will need:

  • Find the content you created that can fill this void
  • Create content that fits

You can even rewrite the content that appears on Wayback Machine if it really floats on your ship. And if it is not relevant, follow these steps until you find something relevant.

But let’s say it’s relevant to your site.

Here comes the really fun part …

Take the dead link and run it through a tool like Ahrefs, Majestic or SERPed to see all the backlinks pointing to it.

As you can see in this, there are 34 links and 14 domains pointing at your address:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

30 or more is a good number of links because it means it is worth the effort. Why

Because it is an issue that people want or need to address.

It offers many options for webmasters for you to write (success rates are not always high) and it means that it is worth spending your time creating content if necessary.

And because this link must be updated, it is time for you to log in and make it possible.

Create a new page, as I mentioned earlier, or update existing content to fit. Check all the boxes that a Wikipedia page would need to use this blog post for reference.

Next, you want to export the list of Ahrefs sites that are currently linked to the downlink and view all contact details. A tool like Hunter can help you with this.

You can then send a disclosure email to each of them to inform them about the broken link and its possible replacement.

How to Add Unique links to Wikipedia

In your search for dead links, you will find some pages that are a real disaster. Wikipedia has marked them for improvement, but nobody has come to that yet.

These are perfect opportunities for you to add your own unique links. For example, see this page on language barriers:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Wikipedia moderators only ask you to enter and improve this page. And, well … sprinkle with some links for your time.

If you are running a language learning blog, for example, you can log in and create this page recently. Find all the resources you need to make this page a free page. You can even redo the content you wrote later to create a blog post, hitting two birds with one stone.

In this section, we will see how you can capitalize here and generate some wonderful backlinks to your site.

How To Creating And Preparing Your Wikipedia Account?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia account, it’s 100% free.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Simply click on Create Account in the upper right corner of the site:

After creating your account, I recommend that you go to this article and find quotes, delete dead links and use other people’s websites and content.

Let’s say you’re looking for a 70 to 80% page cleanup, leaving enough space to add details to your site.

Once these changes are approved, you will be ready to place a link to your site in the Wikipedia target article.

Before Adding your Backlinks in Wikipedia

Before you start editing Wikipedia and updating it with our dating/link correction, there are some things to think about.

First, when you send the problem, you must go through human moderation, so consider it. If you are only posting a link to a site with poor quality content that has nothing to do with the required appointment or dead link correction, it will not be approved.

So, if you don’t have relevant content on your site to use as a reference, take some time and effort to create it.

Basically, just because you have a blog post about learning Chinese doesn’t mean you can leave it anywhere.

How to Edit Wikipedia Article To Add backlinks?

Editing an article on Wikipedia is very easy, just find what you want to edit and click on the edit link.

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Once you do this, you will be taken to the Wikipedia editor.

Make sure you are logged into your account, correct the inactive link or add your budget as needed:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Once you have done this, preview the changes and make sure everything works fine.

If you are satisfied with this, complete the edit summary with the changes and click Save Page:

Wikipedia Backlinks: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

Now sit back and wait to see if your change has been approved! If you have spent some time creating your account with a little history, you will not have problems here.


Phew! There you are Like creating unlimited links to Wikipedia in no time.

But let’s take a minute to recap everything you’ve learned so you can replicate it again and again in the future:

Linking to Wikipedia is effective and has many benefits, in addition to having a link on your site, including relevant traffic and backlink opportunities with other sites.

There are three types of opportunities to look for:

  • Dead links: tagged by Wikipedia, these links are no longer on the Internet.
  • Broken links: these are links from third-party sites that were also linked to this page.
  • Unique links: your opportunity to put your own links on Wikipedia pages

Finding these links is very easy, you can do it by searching Google for dead links or using the WikiGrabber tool.

Having a tool like Ahrefs, SEMRush or SERPed allows you to find broken links on other sites that also link to this article. You can contact the webmaster to add your content instead.

And to create unique links, you must have your own Wikipedia account to add them. But remember to be a good citizen and not just send spam to your own links. Add one of your own links for every 10 or 12 you include on a page.

Now, all we have to do is go to Wikipedia and start creating links!

Let me know how you follow this strategy in the comments …

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