How You Can Advertise on Facebook Effectively

How You Can Advertise on Facebook Effectively

The old Facebook is one of the largest social networking portals in the world. Statistics show that at the end of 2022 this platform had 3.8 billion users and, of these, 10 million were active advertisers.

Online opportunities, including social networks, are giving more and more space to advertisements. Don’t you want to hit as many people as you don’t regret? Now you must agree that of course, it is!

So this post was invented for you and now we will show you step-by-step how to successfully advertise on Facebook.

Must have first steps

Let’s start with the basics. You must first register in the Facebook interface. After registering, you can choose whether you want to use the platform as an individual or as a company. Of course, choose a business profile, as this will be the most obvious to you.

Personalize your account. Use your company colors and images as this will make it easier for your existing and potential customers to get to know your company.

Start creating content. For example, if you own a real estate company, start posting about the current situation in the real estate market. Make sure your content is relevant to your company’s core business.

Once you have a sufficient number of posts on your website, around 10, connected to your company’s core business, you can start advertising on Facebook. This can also be seen as a milestone as you will start working with the platform’s ad manager.

Use the Ad Manager tool: 

When you want to advertise, for example, one of your products, you always use this tool. It’s so simple; you must name your campaign, and define your target audience; you can use filters based on geography, demographics, or even interest; determine how long you want your campaign to run, provide a budget, and the final step is you.

You must determine creativity. content of your future ad: it could be an existing post, a new photo, or even a video. The creativity of your ad will play an important role even later.

You can solve all your advertising activities with this tool, so you have to learn how to use it. Have no fear, and practice makes perfect.

80% of businesses on the platform also use Facebook for advertising. An average user spends an average of 2 hours browsing the social network interface and, during that time, finds an average of 20 ads per day.

The most surprising thing is that, according to research, an average user sees between 10 and 12 ads a day. Your business ad can easily fall into these numbers!

Perfect settings

In Facebook ads, it is essential to know what your objective is. Your advertising will only be successful if you define it well, as this will help Facebook find the audience that works best for you.

We want to point out that your objective will affect the cost per conversion of your campaign and the number of people reached. Don’t worry; we will explain everything.

Brand awareness: If you want to introduce a new brand or even a new product, you need to configure this setting. With this setup, Facebook will show your content to people who are likely to remember your brand or product.

Reach: We recommend this setting when your goal is to reach as many people as possible. Here, the Facebook algorithm tries to minimize the cost per access; that is why it can reach most people.

Traffic: This option can be useful if your goal is to get people to visit an event or website from your embed. This is the best way to increase your conversion rate with Facebook Ads.

Now you can see that your goal is very important. Always take the time to choose the right type of ad. But why do we say that one has a higher cost than the other?

Imagine how much harder it is to find a person who actually clicks on a link to your website than a simple Facebook user. This is why, for example, with traffic typography, your content can reach fewer people for the same amount of money than with the reach feature.

Mobile optimization

As you may have read, the importance of mobile optimization has been highlighted repeatedly. Imagine that 90% of ad views come from a mobile device. Impressive, right?

Here we will talk more about virtual stores since this is relevant to the topic. Your ad will not achieve the desired result if your site is not well optimized. Imagine that you like one of the promotions on Facebook, you click on the link on the page, which is completely useless.

It loads slowly, the subpages don’t work, you can’t see the products, and we could list more. Of course, this will lead to leaving the page; the visitor will not do anything useful just because the online store is optimized for desktop only.

So to increase conversions, it’s not enough that your ads are good. Your online store should also be perfect for desktop and mobile users.


If you followed the instructions carefully, you now have a complete description of how to successfully advertise on Facebook.

Facebook has great potential in marketing, as you can meet millions of people in one place, and only your wallet limits how much you want to reach.

You don’t have to despair even if you can’t spend huge amounts on these ads right now as you can advertise on Facebook for as little as $5 or even $10,000.

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