Do Startups Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Do Startups Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something you need to worry about while your business is growing. By the time you have an online presence, whether you’re a freelancer, a little mom, and a small business owner about to enter mid-range territory, SEO is important. Sometimes local SEO (LSEO) is crucial too. It’s much easier to start your online presence with SEO best practices than to go back and try to “fix” it later.

There are many things that entrepreneurs should be thankful for, and a killer SEO agency or guru should be on that list. It’s rare for a small business to need a full-time SEO professional. That’s why you need to dust off your outsourcing recruiting skills, do your research, and find a company or solo professional that can beef up your ranking the way you deserve. If the real risk of your venture is not becoming an entrepreneur, remember that the real risk of having a website is not having found it.

Without SEO, it may not exist. Here’s a refresher course on why this matters:

Why Do Startups Need SEO?

Imagine life without search engine optimization. Search sites like, Bing, Google, or Yahoo Search have become part of our daily activities. For business owners, search engine sites are a means of connection that connects them with their target clientele.

For example, how can a famous beach club in Spain reach its international guests if not through online research and digital marketing? In the business world, the absence of search engine optimization is unthinkable!

When asked if SEO is important to businesses, the answer is definitely yes. Search engine optimization is very important for startups. There should be a well-planned set of SEO strategies to achieve website optimization and maximum online presence.

6 Reasons Why Startups Need Search Engine Optimization

Most People Don’t Look Past Google’s First Page

Numerous studies have shown that the vast majority of people who search Google don’t look past the first page of results. In fact, most people look no further than the top results according to Search Engine Watch. If you don’t have SEO as part of your strategy and your online presence is on page two of Google (or even the bottom of page one), your potential customers aren’t seeing it.

Most Americans “window Shop” On Mobile Devices Before Making A Purchase Decision

It does not matter if it is a 100% electronic retailer or a strictly physical establishment. Internet Retailer recently reported that not only is there availability for mobile devices here, but all types of customers rely on online research to make their decisions. If your SEO isn’t making it visible, you’re not even competing for the majority of buyers.

Your Keywords Are Changing

Depending on your business and niche, you may or may not have some very competitive SEO keywords. However, each site can find at least some keywords that are not hyper-competitive and take advantage of them. SEO is not something that can be “done” with any website or company. Businesses change, customers change, the economy changes, and keywords in turn change. Keep to yourself.

Seo Algorithms Are Getting Updated More Regularly

While Google is notoriously secretive about the details of its SEO algorithm, one thing is certain: it is updated regularly. Some experts expect that there will be a new Panda update every quarter. This means that you need an SEO agency that tracks these updates and responds accordingly. If you follow outdated SEO best practices, it could be even worse than if you don’t.

It’s Your Best Visibility Tool

Want to be easy to find online, match users searching for keywords related to your business, and be seen as a leader in your field? That is exactly what SEO does. SEO is what gets your site up in the rankings, making it more and more visible. Without it, your business cannot be successful.

Amazon Is Getting More Attention

There was a time when “SEO” meant “appease Google” as it is the largest search engine in the United States. Yet Amazon is giving Google a run for its money. Dubbed the largest shopping search engine in the United States, some retailers (who sell on Amazon) are learning that they also need to optimize for this behemoth. Check out Moz’s advice on optimizing for Amazon and consider it on par with Google.

SEO can also be an acronym for “start optimizing early”. No matter the size of your business, now is the best time to add search engine optimization to your strategy. Otherwise, it is better to run a marathon without training and without legal registration.

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