WordPress Quiz Plugins: 10 Best Options To Increase Engagement

WordPress Quiz Plugins: 10 Best Options To Increase Engagement

Have you ever wondered how BuzzFeed can keep visitors so long? It started with lists that featured fun images and scannable text. They then expanded to a wide variety of other content, such as quizzes. But BuzzFeed has also reinvented the quiz to make it more visual and user-centered. For example, you can find a quiz such as “What character of Harry Potter are you?”, Which provides a result based only on your answers.

According to NewsWhip, outside the main content of BuzzFeed in March 2017, the four most committed stories were all quizzes.

Wordpress Quiz Plugins 2019: 10 Best Option To Increase Engagement
Quizzes stats Screenshot

Other sites have been using the quiz for some time, seeing how quiz attract readers and keep them on sites for longer periods. They can be excellent for increasing commitment. Take ESPN, for example. The sports giant has consistent quiz and investigations on whether the Cubs or Cardinals will win or not or if a certain great football is worthy of the Hall of Fame.

The good news is that you don’t need a certain degree of development to perform and implement quizzes on your own site. All you need is a solid WordPress quiz plugin to generate questions, add answers, insert images and calculate answers.

Some of the WordPress quiz plugins provide additional features for things like polls and surveys, while others are more like full suites with email capture, form creation, and slide show tools. From basic quiz generators to modern BuzzFeed style quiz, you have many options to choose from.

So read on to learn about the best WordPress quiz plugins available.

Advantage of a WordPress Quiz Plugin

For many webmasters, placing a quiz or survey on a business blog or website is an afterthought. They are more focused on fulfilling requests, creating blog posts and developing the site.

Wordpress Quiz Plugins 2019: 10 Best Option To Increase Engagement

However, a WordPress Quiz plugin facilitates the installation and deployment process, opening up many more possibilities for creating content along the way.

It is difficult to think of new ways to interact with your readers, but the quiz is not only fun for users, but also involve people staying longer.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why your company should use a WordPress quiz plugin :

  • You can reduce your bounce rate by keeping users on your site for a longer period of time. The bounce rate is taken into account in your SEO, so this can help you improve your ranking.
  • This gives visitors something to do in a fun, educational or relevant way.
  • Quizzes improve your conversions as customers learn about your business through quizzes. In addition, they take longer to finish buying a product by clicking on an ad or registering on your email list.
  • Quizzes are required to obtain many resources shared on social networks, which puts your blog and general site on the map.
  • You are more likely to receive participation in the comments section when you have a quiz.
  • Some quizzes are to assess user knowledge as if you are running a school or course and need to know whether or not to accept a student.
  • The quizzes can capture potential customers. According to LeadQuizzes, the average survey has a lead capture rate of 33.6%.

As you can see, a simple WordPress Quiz plugin opens up all kinds of opportunities for your online store, blog or small business. The good thing is that most of them are free or at least cheap.

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The Best Viral WordPress Quiz Plugins In 2020

The key details are listed below, but if you’re in a hurry, check out a quick list of the best WordPress Quiz plugins (no specific order).

  • Quiz and Survey Master
  • WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder
  • Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin
  • WP Quiz – Premium WordPress Quiz Plugin
  • ViralPress – Viral News, Lists, Quiz, Videos & Polls Plugin
  • Ari Stream Quiz Plugin
  • Riddle Quiz Maker
  • WordPress Quiz
  • Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker
  • Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

#1. Quiz and Survey Master

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin has ratings and comments for most people to pull the trigger. You also get some pretty impressive features to design your quiz and surveys. This WordPress plugin has a simple generator, with options for items such as radio buttons, comments, and checkboxes.

best wordpress plugin for quiz
Quiz And Survey Master WordPress plugin Screenshot

You can add a timer if you do not want users to spend the whole day, and the plugin allows you to insert media into the survey. There is also a premium plan, or you can download premium plugins individually.

Quiz and Survey Master Benefits:

It is not limited to a module in which media cannot be added. For example, you might want viewers to review a video before the question, but some quiz plugins limit this type of functionality. Quiz and Survey Masterwork similarly to a normal blog post.

  • If a timer is enabled, the user will see it in the browser tab in case he leaves the survey.
  • Emails are sent when completing a survey or survey.
  • You have the option of not paying the entire premium supplement by selecting the functions you want.
  • Some of the premium features include landing pages, export results, reports, and MailChimp integration.
  • It has interesting features such as user tips and login requirements.

Quiz and Survey Master Downside:

  • The premium plan is quite expensive for a plugin.
  • Sometimes, the plugin may conflict with your subject, causing problems with the way it appears.

#2. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

We have some BuzzFeed-style quiz creators on this list, but the WordPress viral quiz solution surpasses the rest. As sold in CodeCanyon, all you have to do is make a one-time payment. The quizzes are almost exactly the same as BuzzFeed, with large thumbnails and many opportunities for results at the end.

best wordpress plugin for quizzes
WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder Screenshot

As for the customization tools, it doesn’t take long to discover how the plugin works. Not to mention that viral resources are enough to integrate most webmasters with WordPress Viral Quiz.

WordPress Viral Quiz Benefits:

  • It has an integrated email capture module for more people to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • You can create personality quizzes and curiosities. Personality quizzes tend to become viral on Facebook, while trivia quizzes are popular on Twitter.
  • The plugin provides a tool that invites users to share on social networks if they want to see the results of the survey.
  • You can check the analysis to see the exact performance of the quiz.
  • Insert ads in the survey and enable a browser update feature to earn more money over time.

WordPress Viral Quiz Downside:

  • It is limited to BuzzFeed style quizzes. So, if you don’t want a personality quiz or curiosities, look elsewhere.
  • The developers market these features a bit, but many visitors find the forced social exchange and browser annoying.
  • Marketing tools are limited to post- quiz situations. Therefore, you cannot request something by email before users start the survey.
  • Some reputable email marketing platforms are not supported.

#3. Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin

Quiz Cat has quizzes similar to BuzzFeed, but with a bit of flexibility. You can add images to the quiz, as well as take advantage of unlimited questions, custom completion messages, and randomly combined responses.

best quiz plugin for wordpress wp quiz
Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin Screenshot

The basic functionality is free, but you have the option to upgrade to a somewhat affordable single payment. For example, a site plan costs $ 49, but it only has two additional features: a personality quiz and greater social exchange.

Quiz Cat WordPress Plugin Benefits:

  • The interface is clean in the front and back. It adapts to all WordPress themes and looks great on mobile devices.
  • It has unique tools such as shuffling responses and providing messages at the end.
  • You can translate the quizzes into almost any language.
  • They have some interesting premium features such as spreadsheet export, Facebook Pixel integration, and email marketing.

Quiz Cat WordPress Plugin Downside:

  • Although the quiz can be translated, the real complement is only in English (as of now).
  • Adjusting the language of the quiz requires the use of a filter. In short, it is not easy for beginners.
  • The quizzes are run in their own separate modules, so it is limited to media and other formats.

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#4. WP Quiz – Premium WordPress Quiz Plugin

WP Quiz has a free and Pro version. It allows you to develop trivia and personality quizzes, all designed to become viral. It is a fully responsive plugin and you can place it in an unlimited number of websites.

best quiz maker plugin for wordpress
WP Quiz – Premium WordPress Quiz Plugin Screenshot

The Pro version is priced at $ 87 and includes some additional features, such as the ability to export your quiz.

WP Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugin Benefits:

  • The free version has an incredible amount of features and support for adding an unlimited quiz.
  • You can add an inverted quiz effect so that users can see animations (similar to flashcard launches) each time they complete a question.
  • There is an area to include image credit, keeping your operation always fresh.
  • The plugin has customization tools to change the progress bar colors, animation effects, font colors, and background colors.

WP Quiz WordPress Quiz Plugin Downside:

  • You are limited to personality quizzes and curiosities.
  • Some webmasters may find the price a bit high.

#5. ViralPress – Viral News, Lists, Quiz, Videos & Polls Plugin

ViralPress is another unique WordPress quiz plugin with support for viral quizzes. It also allows you to do searches, lists, videos and more. Essentially, the ViralPress plugin is more a set than anything else.

best online quiz plugin for wordpress
ViralPress – Viral news, Lists, Quiz, Videos & Polls Plugin Screenshot

He seems to be trying to offer a complete BuzzFeed solution, seeing how he can generate lists in a shorter period of time and also has support for galleries and memes.

ViralPress Quiz Plugin Benefits:

  • It offers full social integration with social logins, share buttons, and Facebook comments.
  • The analysis is provided to track how many actions each survey has accumulated.
  • Create and integrate with much more than evidence. This includes audio, video, surveys and memes.
  • Do and edit your quizzes in the interface.

ViralPress Quiz Plugin Downside:

  • The memes generator is far from special. It is better to use a free online generator.

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#6. Ari Stream Quiz Plugin To Create Viral Tests, Increase Traffic, Capture Emails

Ari Stream Quiz does everything possible, considering that it is free and you get some email capture settings from your quiz generator. The main email form is integrated with the most popular email marketing tools (such as MailChimp and AWeber) and can create personality and curiosity quizzes.

best buzzfeed quiz plugin for wordpress
Ari Stream Quiz Plugin To Create Viral Tests, Increase Traffic, Capture Emails Screenshot

Some premium packages are offered, starting at $ 17. This provides multi-page features, displaying a results page and more.

Ari Stream Quiz Plugin Benefits:

  • It can encourage people to share evidence on social networks.
  • The email marketing tool should increase the number of people on your list.
  • In fact, they offer premium support with a free plugin.
  • Premium plans have features of “strengths to share” and better tools for sharing on social networks.

Ari Stream Quiz Plugin Downside:

  • You are limited to personality quizzes and curiosities.
  • While the quizzes are compatible with the media, you must use the HTML code to do so.

#7. Riddle Quiz Maker

If you want some flexibility beyond popular personality and trivia quizzes, Unlimited Quiz Builder has additional options such as lists, regular quiz, and surveys. Plans start at $ 7 a month, so they end up being one of the most expensive WordPress Quiz plugins.

best viral quiz plugin for wordpress
Unlimited Quiz Builder with Email Capture by Riddle Quiz plugin Screenshot

However, the functionality exists, with email capture, quick cropping of images, social sharing and a GIF search tool.

Riddle Quiz Maker Benefits:

  • They have a good search bar to find images, GIFs and memes that will surely be shared a bit.
  • The plugin integrates with services such as MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier and most CRMs.
  • You can create Likert scale quizzes.
  • You don’t have to think about editing photos before uploading them since the plugin has a solid editing tool.

Riddle Quiz Maker Downside:

  • While there is more professionalism in the plugin, it still has the BuzzFeed style that some users may not be looking for.
  • Recurring monthly payments go against the trend of single payments in this niche of supplements.

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#8. WordPress Quiz

The WordPress Quiz is one of your best bets if you are looking for a clean and modern quiz without the craziness of viral exchange and personality quiz. This is a viable option for common businesses that want to create a quiz for clients or even schools that need to take entrance exams.

best viral quiz plugin for wordpress
WordPress Quiz Screenshot

WordPress Quiz Benefits:

  • Stay away from the modern quiz style of BuzzFeed.
  • You can order random questions and answers.
  • It allows you to place multiple quizzes on the same page. This is a rare feature.
  • Statistics are shown in the backend, using detailed graphs and data for future analysis.
  • The price is only $ 19.
  • Users can send their scores to the owner after taking a quiz.

WordPress Quiz Downside:

  • If you are looking for a fun and viral personality quiz generator, this is not the complement for you.
  • The addon does not have a point system. So, if you want some questions to have higher values, you should look elsewhere.

#9. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

As its long name suggests, this WordPress quiz plugin supports surveys, surveys, quizzes, slide shows, and forms. It is also a great option for animated blog contests, but you can also make it more professional.

best viral quiz plugin for wordpress
Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage Screenshot

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker Benefits:

  • Add great buttons and great media to all your quizzes.
  • Complement your quiz with surveys, slide shows and forms.
  • Integrate ads into your quizzes to make money with the process.
  • Customize fonts, colors, and sizes of the quiz.
  • You do not need to pay money for this WordPress Quiz plugin.
  • The developers have a collection of the best quizzes for you to find inspiration.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker Downside:

  • You are limited to curiosities and quizzes of results.
  • You must register through a remote site, which makes the installation process a bit more difficult.

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#10. Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

If you have a developer license for the popular Gravity Forms contact form plugin, you can also use the official Quiz Add-on.

best viral quiz plugin for wordpress
Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On Screenshot

The resources of the quiz can be found in the “Advanced Fields” section.

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On Benefits:

  • As a premium complement, you get excellent support and updates from the Gravity Forms team.
  • Easily integrate quiz into existing forms with which you are already familiar.
  • Choose correct and incorrect answers, rate the score, randomly choose the order of the options and provide explanations of the answers.

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On Downside:

  • Requires developer license starting at $ 199.
  • It doesn’t have as many visual options as other plugins, but if you are a developer you can do it with almost anything.

Which WordPress Quiz Plugin Is Best?

A WordPress Quiz plugin is a bit like choosing a theme. You want it to look good for your brand and have the built-in features you will use every day. For example, a complement of the BuzzFeed style quiz will not work for more serious educational organizations and businesses. These WordPress quiz plugins look best on fun blogs.

Our Thoughts For Best Quiz Plugin

  • We like Quiz and Survey Master and WordPress for basic and professional quizzes.
  • These are our favorites for viral quizzes (BuzzFeed style): WordPress Viral Quiz, Cat Quiz, and WP Quiz.
  • People with a budget should use WP Quiz, Ari Stream or Quiz and Survey Master.
  • Anyone who doesn’t worry about recurring payments should definitely consider Unlimited Quiz Builder with Email Capture by Riddle.
  • If you are a client developer, you can consult the complement of the Gravity Forms quiz.

There you are! If you have any questions to complete your search in the WordPress Quiz plugin, let us know in the comments below.

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