10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO

10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO

When you write content for online consumption, it’s not just about what you have to say. It is also essential that your audience can find what they have written.

To do this, you must create SEO friendly content. You may have the most amazing ideas to share with your audience, but if they don’t see your posts, isn’t that helpful?

Be sure to use the following tools while you’re writing, and you’re ready to create SEO-optimized content that your audience can easily find on Google.

Powerful Writing Tools for SEO Optimized

Hemingway App

10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO

It is important to remember that most people have short attention spans.

They don’t want to read anything too long or complicated. Therefore, you must ensure that the content created is concise, simple, and accessible.

Use the Hemingway app as you write your copy to receive a color-coded list of bugs and improvements. It will run in overly complicated sentences, grammar, and spelling, of course.

Perhaps best of all, it will also return a “grade” about the readability level of the content, in its entirety.

Keeping content clear and to the point will make it easier and more likely for readers to hit the target. Keep their interest and don’t let them tune out half-way through.


When in-depth proofreading is what you’re looking for, PaperRater is generally one of the most powerful and comprehensive online proofreaders on the market.

Immediate and accurate results are provided for grammar, proofreading, and plagiarism. This is done by running your content through cloud-based software. No need to register or download, just write your text and do your analysis.

Maintain your best position and post only polished content, ensuring it is error free and professionally written.


10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO

You can also join WriteWords, a community of friendly and constructive members that has been growing for over 10 years.

In WriteWords, you can chat with other members to get feedback on your content. This is a great way to improve your writing, offering more professional authority.

Chances are, you will find someone here who is also an expert in your field and can help you with specific topics. And, when you publish stronger content and combined with proper keyword optimization, it attracts a lot of readers.

Keyword WordStream

Speaking of keyword research, did you know that it is absolutely essential that your audience can find your content? It doesn’t matter how big your content is if nobody can find it.

It is important to focus and include the right keywords, but at the same time, you should avoid overusing the desired terms. This can be a red flag for many search engines, so finding the right balance is important.

When done correctly, this tactic will easily improve the overall SEO performance of your content. Keyword WordStream is one of the best online resources that can help you find the right cadence.

For starters, users receive 10 free searches and then one a day after that. For a light content schedule, this should be more than enough to start.

IMN’s Onscreen Optimization Tool

So, you’ve done the research and didn’t overuse your chosen keywords. The right words. Your job hardly ends there.

Like on-page SEO, if you don’t use your keywords correctly, you won’t get much benefit from them.

I recommend using the Internet Marketing Ninjas optimization tool to check your website and content to analyze the use of your keywords. It’ll let you know how well (or poorly) you’ve done in optimizing your copy for your given keywords.

As we mentioned earlier, it takes more than producing great content to attract readers. This onscreen optimization tool will tell you if your page has what it takes to grow and retain an audience, without overusing keywords and dismissing it as spam.


10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO

On that note, you can always use this more specific tool to assess only “readability”.

If your writing style is flawed, not only will you have a hard time connecting with your audience, but your visitors will also “jump” at a higher rate. A high bounce rate number and low return traffic will affect your SEO results.

Instantly check your content for it readability by typing in the website address or pasting it into Read-Able.

Language tool

For accurate proofreading done in over 20 languages, look no further than the Language Tool. More than just a grammar checker, it captures several things that these basic spell checkers just can’t understand.

It is an open-source tool that provides a color-coded reading of potential and guaranteed errors. Simply copy and paste your article into the text box, select a language and you will instantly receive your feedback and be able to correct your mistakes.

With the Language Tool, you are ready to deliver error-free content in more than 20 languages. The best part? It is totally free!

Keyword Density Checker

Quality content is required, but keyword density is also an important component in making your content easily accessible to readers.

The Keyword Density Checker will ensure that you do not overload your content with keywords and that it is potentially tagged as spam. Remember, you don’t want to have more than 1% keyword density in your content.

Before posting your content online, get in the habit of running it on the keyword density checker to make sure you don’t overdo it. Obviously remember that even with the correct keyword density, your content will still have to be top-notch for your readers stick around.


10 Useful Tools For Writing Compelling Content For SEO

The best-written content is just an app away with Ginger.

This powerful software helps detect complicated grammatical errors, allowing writers to develop better language skills.

Features include a grammar checker, sentence reformulator, translation, and more. Make sure you have great content for your readers to enjoy with the help of this powerful tool.

ProWriting Aid

Transform “good content” into “great content” with the help of ProWriting Aid.

This automated teacher helps with grammar and spelling and provides users with detailed reports on their overused words, sentence length, and redundancies.

Improve the readability of your content, while eliminating errors, with ProWriting Aid instant feedback.

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