What are YouTube Shorts and how to use them effectively?

What are YouTube Shorts and how to use them effectively?

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of being short? It doesn’t matter if you are tall as a tower as long as you are involved in the YouTube business. The novelty of YouTube – YouTube Shorts, is something that warmed up the media market due to the appreciation received by the invention.

The platform has recorded over 5 billion views since its inception, which is a record since the addition was made in September 2020.

Do you know the concept of YouTube shorts? It is basically a tool to create short videos on YouTube. These videos are usually between 15 and 60 seconds long and are not large. You can simply create funny behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube.

This feature gained popularity in a short time and now most YouTube creators use shorts as a means of teasing or showcasing BTS. Not yet? Everything’s fine. Now that you haven’t started yet, how about going through all the technical knowledge of the tool before you put it to use?

How YouTube Shorts different from normal videos.

It is not a difficult answer. Aside from their common factor of creating eye-catching images, these forms of video are quite distinctive. This same distinction makes them

Time duration: The main difference between regular and short YouTube videos is the length. Regular YouTube videos have no time limits, while short ones are limited to 60 seconds.

Resources: The promotional features are similar to regular shorts and videos. Although there is a difference in the creation characteristics. YouTube shorts provide video guidance, music catalogs, and overlays to create a video or more like a reel.

content-type: Isn’t it obvious that these two variables with the type of content? While long-form videos are not restricted to any one type, short ones are mostly used to create BTS reels and videos.

Icon visibility: Shorts are created in vertical format, while regular YouTube videos are viewed in horizontal segmentation. Due to this difference, the icons for Like, Subscribe, and Share are visible on the right side of YouTube shorts, unlike other YouTube videos.

Competition: Although the short films have gained incredible taste from the public, he has less audience because he is very new in the market. YouTube, on the other hand, has billions of loyal consumers.

Do YouTube shorts contribute to channel viewing hours?

Doesn’t it scare you too much when you create something but it doesn’t even contribute to your salary? YouTube shorts can do this for you. These created images do not contribute to your 4,000 hours of watch time, which is required to monetize your creations on YouTube.

YouTube Short views contribute to total lifetime views. However, the platform does have a “shorts pool” that allows you, as a creator, to earn from short-form content even if you’re not part of YouTube’s YPP program and meet the short’s eligibility criteria.

Do YouTube shorts have more visibility than regular videos?

The shorts are still not very saturated. They haven’t been on the market for a long time, which makes them a playing field for advancement. If you drop early and pick quickly, the tool could be to your channel’s advantage.

For the past 2 years, the segment has successfully competed with similar platforms like TikTok and Instagram. So you don’t have to worry about exposure or audience.

Give a go at it; you can find a new set of viewers. If you feel the need to get more views, you can use paid promotion to buy YouTube views from any reputable advertising company that can promote your videos.

How to create YouTube shorts

It is not a hard nut to crack. You can easily make a short on YouTube with the help of your smartphone and internet connection. Below are the steps to create a YouTube short and publish it.

Open your YouTube app on your smartphone.
In the interface, you will find a creation sign (+) at the bottom.

Click on the banner and you will have 3 options to create a short, upload a video and stream it live.
Click the "Create a Short" option.

Steps to create youtube shorts

You can select the length of your video between 15 and 60 seconds (if you are using music from YouTube, the time is limited to only 15 seconds).
Create anything you want to show your audience and the world.

You can also upload your YouTube shorts using a PC. Here are the steps below:

Simply go to the app and click on the create option visible on the right side of the screen.
You will have 2 options: upload and publish.
Click the "upload option" to upload an already recorded video.

All you need is a good cell phone, network connectivity, and a YouTube app to create shorts. Add informative titles and tags to get the most out of these shorts. A small addition will add to your views.

Do YouTube shorts generate more subscribers?

Shorts are definitely on trend because they don’t require a huge investment of time and they’re fun. YouTube shorts allow the creator to make a connection with their audience in no time.

So the answer is yes. If you want easy subscribers, focus on creating short interactive or irrevocable content that establishes you within the community.

On the other hand, we also suggest that new YouTubers spend time creating long-form content at regular intervals. You don’t have to do this every day. This will also help you add that content as a summary. Learn the art of creating a YouTube short from your already uploaded YouTube video.


To conclude, YouTube shorts are an absolute trend that continues to grow. Did you know that the segment surpassed 6.5 billion views in one day shortly after its US launch? The numbers clearly indicate the reach of YouTubers, although it has a set of pros and cons that cannot be overlooked.

Make sure when you’re creating shorts that you don’t overlook your long-form content, as they’re best known for building an authentic long-term audience base.

Shorts can be your additional weapon or an additional headache if you’re half-informed or misguided. So get ready and read up on the short videos before you jump straight into them.

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