SEO Basics: How to Write SEO Articles with Keywords

SEO Basics: How to Write SEO Articles with Keywords

Do you want to learn how to write SEO articles? No one is an SEO expert, nor am I; However, I have a few tricks you can use to optimize your articles and make them search engine friendly.

How To Write SEO Articles

I think you’ve heard of some common points, such as keyword density should be this%, use your keyword in the meta description, use it in the first paragraph of the post, etc Blah! Blah! Blah!

I will not share something new, but I will summarize all these elements in one place, here in this post. To make it useful to optimize your post if you are not using any premium plugin.

This short guide will show you how to write SEO articles with keywords in just a few easy steps. You can also check out my SEO checklist, which I refer to for search engine optimization.

Few Easy Steps to Help you Learn about How to Write Articles for SEO

Before we begin with these steps, let me explain the concept of keyword density. The number of times a keyword is mentioned on a specific page can help determine how well that page is optimized for search engines.

When you look at keyword density, it seems that targeting a density level between 1% and 4% seems to be the current recommendation on how to write SEO articles without being picked up as a keyword stuffer.

I recommend that the keyword density between 1% and 3% be safe and avoid using it in places where it doesn’t really flow with the article.

Keyword Research


I’m assuming you’ve completed the initial keyword research stage and have your target keyword (or focus keyword) ready. To rank that keyword, you need to do a search in the Google Keyword Tool to a) check the competition for the keywords b) try to write unique content, which is not available on the competitor’s website.

Use Header Tags for Headings

You should always use subheadings when writing an article. You can do this using h2 tags. This helps keep your ideas organized and much easier to read, as well as providing a great place for you to put your keywords.

Search engines pay special attention to the keywords located in the header tags; therefore, try using your keyword in subheadings so that the search engine will notice you.

Title, H1 Tag and Meta Description are Important

One of the most essential places where you can use your target keywords is the title, the Headers tag, and the meta description of your article.

Write an attractive title that people would like to click on. For example, if your keyword is “Car,” you might want to have a title like “How to Drive a Car” or “How to maintain Cars,” something like that.

Keyword Density

In order to efficiently write a search engine friendly and keyword-rich article, the article must be thick or full of target keywords or focus on key phrases.

On average, an SEO article should have a keyword density between 1 and 4%. To find out the keyword density of an article, multiply the number of times your keywords or keyword phrases appear in your article, divide that number by the number of words in the article.

What counts the most when writing SEO articles?

I’ve provided all of the above tips on how to write SEO articles, the most important take away points are as follows: First do keyword research, write quality content, use your keyword in title and headings, and take care of keyword density when writing an SEO article.

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