Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool: Learn How To Find Long-tail Keywords

Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool: Learn How To Find Long-tail Keywords

There are many tools out there that can help you find keywords that are long-tail. But what’s the difference between a long-tail keyword and a short-tail keyword? And how do you use these tools? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about long-tail keyword research—how it differs from other kinds of SEO and why it’s becoming more important than ever (if not already).

How to find long tail keywords

The best way to find long-tail keywords is by using Google Search Console.

Start by typing “long tail keyword” into Google Autocomplete and then clicking on the auto-completion button at the bottom of your results (see image below). You’ll see a list of related terms that could help you find long-tail keywords:

Click on one of these suggestions, like “long term”, “all-natural”, or anything else that sounds relevant to what you’re looking for in terms of length and relevancy—this will bring up another page with even more suggestions! If there are any other words missing from this list, simply add them yourself by typing them into either box next time around; otherwise, just click “Show All” under Options > Show More Suggestions…

Why is the longtail keyword important

Longtail keywords are more specific than broad keywords, and they’re also more targeted. When you’re looking for a long tail keyword, there is no need to worry about whether or not your search term will be found on Google with this phrase. This means that it doesn’t matter if the first few pages of results have nothing relevant to your business: those pages will be skipped if the user searches for “best teal green color” instead of “best teal blue color.”

Longtail keywords can help improve conversions by targeting searchers who are interested in what you have to offer—and showing them exactly what they need!

Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool

Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool

This tool can be used to find longtail keywords and their CPC. It also shows you the search volume and competition of each keyword, so you know which ones are worth pursuing further.

You can use this tool to find longtail keywords

The longtail keyword tool is a great way to find longtail keywords. If you want to know how to find long tail keywords, here’s a quick guide on how it works.

You can use this tool when:

  • You want to expand your website’s traffic and revenue by finding the right keywords for your pages or posts.
  • You want to find out what other people are saying about your product or service in order to improve their experience at checkout (or anywhere else).


The long tail keyword is a very important tool for you to use in your SEO campaign. It helps you to find longtail keywords and make it easy for you to optimize your website.

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