8 Tips For How to Promote Your Blog With Quora

8 Tips For How to Promote Your Blog With Quora

With the rapid evolution of technology, competition has increased in all industries much more than ever. From social media managers to bloggers and content designers, the tension to survive can be felt everywhere.

Increasing organic traffic to your site can be a daunting task for both bloggers as the internet is teeming with so many of them. But what most of them do not consider in their strategies to stay is a platform: Quora.

Whether it’s a New York fashion blog or a mystery bedroom Bangalore site, Quora can help redirect relevant audiences to your site by providing them with useful information.

In this article, we will share with you the top 8 tips that can help you promote your blog using Quora in no time!

Create a Quora account for yourself

First of all, you need to set up a Quora account (if you don’t already have one) to promote your blog there. To highlight your account, use all the necessary information.
Starting with your real name (not a pseudonym), a profile picture, profession, education, and any other required fields must be placed on your profile.

Only by providing all these necessary credentials in your profile can your viewers get to know you and your blog.

With a rough average of around 15 million daily active users, you can be sure that the competition is pretty high here. So to stand out from this crowd, make sure you provide authentic information to your viewers, starting by letting them really get to know you.

Discover interesting blog topics on Quora

Being a blogger, you should always have trendy and interesting themes at hand to prepare your next blog post. With proper use of Quora, it can become a piece of cake! The questions and answers on this platform can be useful for your purpose.

Simply scrolling through them will help you find likely topics for your next blog post as you understand what’s trending among people. Browse the questions and answers that have been posted, the related questions, and the comments, everything that can be useful to you.

Contact and follow experts in your field
Quora is a very useful platform to meet the experts in your field and even grow your network accordingly. Not only can you follow individual profiles related to a particular industry, but you can also simply follow the topics themselves.
For example, if you’re looking for travel-related experts on Quora, simply search by typing “Travel” in the search bar. After that, in the ‘By Type’ section on the left side of the screen, you can choose whether you’re looking for individuals or anything else of your choosing. (See the image below to understand better)

Post sensible and rational comments from time to time

Writing a comment from time to time on other answers that have already been published on the platform can also help you grow. Even if it doesn’t seem that useful, writing comments can play a vital role in increasing your audience on Quora.

However, don’t start leaving comments on any other answers you find on the platform. Instead, you should work on commenting on some relevant answers posted by experts to make your mark.

By doing this, the person in question will be aware of your experience and knowledge in the field. In addition, it will also allow other viewers/users on the platform to get to know you, and they may even follow you in return! With India being the second largest user base and around 35% of Americans using it on a daily basis, Quora can give you a lot of exposure once you start using it properly.

Sometimes insert some links to your site

Linking to your website when you’re writing a detailed or elaborate response can be a great way to promote your blog. That way, while reviewing your response, users can easily be directed to your blog.

However, make sure you don’t start overusing it, as Quora is a platform that doesn’t favor mindless promotion or marketing. Putting too many links in writing in your reply will make it look spammy.

Quora will take strict action against you, deleting your answer or worse yet, banning your account. Therefore, it is important for bloggers like you to know how to strike the right balance between using and abusing your blog links while writing answers on Quora.

Meet influencers based on your industry

Quora has quickly become a popular platform among global users. By using it, you can not only meet influencers in your industry but also connect with top influencers in other fields!

Several high-profile people have created their profiles on Quora, such as Balaji Viswanathan (#1 most followed person), Adam D’Angelo, and more! From startup brand founders to high-profile CEOs, there’s no limit to the immense opportunities Quora has to offer! Connecting with influencers can go a long way in helping you promote your blog effectively.

Acquire immense knowledge

When you look at it analytically, you can understand how, compared to other social networks, Quora can be much more productive for its purpose.

Unlike spending your time scrolling through photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram, taking a look at posts on Quora can help you gain insight.

The content you find here allows you to learn something interesting and new every day. Gathering insights into the latest market trends, what your target audience is looking for, etc. can help you make your blog even more useful to your audience.

So by gaining more knowledge about your industry, you can improve your blog and even better promote it to your target audience.


Here are the top 8 tips that demonstrate how you as a blogger can get the most out of Quora. The platform can be a great source of organic traffic if you know how to navigate it. So even if it takes a few rounds of testing, investing some time in learning can be very beneficial.

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