What Is The Single Best Piece Of SEO Advice?

What Is The Single Best Piece Of SEO Advice?

The only advice I’d like to give you is: “UNDERSTAND THE USER INTENT & THEIR REQUIREMENT” I recently used the “Filling the Gaps SEO Technique” on my blog and my organic traffic has increased over 300% compared to the same date range last month. Below are images from my Google analysis:

What is “Filling the Gaps SEO Technique”?

So my blog was already ranked on the first page of Google, but somehow I couldn’t break the top 3 positions for my target keyword.

After reading my blog post several times, I tried to find the problems in my article. After putting all my efforts in 1-2 days, I found the following reasons that were responsible for it:

  • My blog post does not meet the user’s intent for my target keyword (incomplete information)
  • Grammar mistakes in my article
  • Requires additional content to help meet visitor needs
  • Any additional features that help me stand out in the SERP

These were the gaps that prevented me from ranking in the top 3 positions and that’s why I called this SEO techniqueFilling the Gaps”.

After finding out the reasons, I used the “Filling the Gaps SEO Technique” and concluded the following:

  • Researched for the related keywords to the primary keywords
  • Added more information to cover as much as possible.
  • Added a plugin for “Table of Contents.”
  • Added FAQ scheme to distinguish my result and cover more area in SERP
  • I bought Fiverr’s rewriting service to improve grammar and sentence formation in the article.


  • More than 300% increase in organic traffic.
  • I started ranking in the top 3 positions for my target keyword
  • So in my opinion, “Understanding user intent is more important than anything in SEO.”

Now is your turn! What do you think of this SEO technique? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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