22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog

Google AdSense is a popular tool to earn money online through your website or blog through ads, but it is not the only option available. There are many Adsense alternatives that you may want to consult.

If you have not yet set up an AdSense account, had trouble approving it, or want to diversify your income, there are many different AdSense alternatives advertising programs that offer excellent features and allow you to earn additional revenue from your site.

What is Google Adsense?

If you didn’t know, Adsense is an advertising program operated by Google. Launched in 2003, it is one of the most popular online advertising networks for bloggers and webmasters who want to monetize their sites.

You’ve probably seen them all over the web. They look something like this:

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog
Google AdSense examples

What type of site is best for Adsense?

Any type of site can use Google AdSense. But there are some better types to show Adsense ads on them.

Let’s take a quick look at what types of sites are best for Adsense:

  • Blogs: one of the most common. If you are a blogger and constantly publish high-quality content for an audience, ads can be a great way to monetize your content.
  • Forums: Instead of writing posts, forums are an excellent way for people to interact around a topic, as well as to generate Adsense revenue.
  • Free online tool: If you run a website that offers a free tool or service, one way to offset costs is with ads.

The argument here is that any site that receives regular traffic is suitable for Adsense.

But what happens if you don’t want to use Adsense ads on your site?

Why should I look for alternatives to Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the main ways that bloggers make money with their sites for many years.

In fact, with the right niche, good content and target audience, your site can generate a lot of revenue. Just look at this screenshot of AdSense earnings:

But that does not mean that it is the only option.

There are many alternatives (22 actually) and reasons to look for alternative advertising platforms.

You may already have an Adsense account, but you want to diversify your income streams. Or you may want to keep Adsense ads running and add some additional transmissions.

Perhaps again you are looking to earn more money with your advertising space than you currently earn with Adsense.

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog
AdSense earnings

But where do you start? Don’t worry, we have a cover:

The best AdSense alternatives for Website

Let’s take a look at some of these AdSense alternatives to learn more about how you can monetize your site or blog:

  1. Media.net
  2. PropellerAds
  3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  4. Adversal
  5. Sovrn // Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  6. Skimlinks
  7. Monumetric
  8. InfoLinks
  9. ylliX
  10. Evadav
  11. PopCash
  12. PopAds
  13. RevContent
  14. Adsterra
  15. OIO Publisher
  16. SHE Media
  17. AdRecover
  18. MadAds Media
  19. Bidvertiser
  20. Adbuff
  21. BuySellAds
  22. AdClickMedia

#1. Media.net

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog

Media.net is a direct competitor of AdSense, led by Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the largest contextual advertising networks in the world and is used by well-known names around the world.

Your contextual ads allow you to monetize your content with exclusive access to Yahoo! Bing network. The market offers access to content-oriented publishers so you can maximize your advertising revenue and take advantage of a large search market.

Media.net was the first to develop a fully managed server-side header offer platform, which allowed it to take full advantage of programmatic viewing with minimal effort.

#2. Propeller ads

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog

PropellerAds is a large advertising network that offers a variety of ads such as banners, sponsored links, push notifications and reaches one billion users.

The self-service platform is easy to use with an optimized ad generator that allows you to run your campaigns with minimal hassle. With many options for benchmarking and real-time guidance, you can work reactively to improve your campaigns.

It also features automatic ad optimization, where AI adjusts its settings, providing the best amount of conversions for each ad without manual effort.

#3. Amazon native Shopping ads

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog
Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Bloggers and other site owners have been using Amazon’s affiliate program for extra income for a long time, but Amazon’s native purchase ads offer another highly profitable way to monetize your site.

Like AdSense ads, Amazon Native Shopping ads are contextual, so they offer relevant products based on on-page content and keywords. If a user continues to make a purchase after clicking on the ad, they will receive a commission for that sale, regardless of whether the item was clicked.

Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce site, and its conversion rate is much higher than that of any other e-commerce competitor. You can take advantage of this traffic and the unmatched conversion rate to get passive income with very little effort.

#4. Adversal

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog

Adversal is a self-service advertising platform that allows you to configure your ads in just minutes.

Its intelligent interface allows you to start, stop and pause campaigns, which makes them easy and intuitive to use. Once you have configured everything, leave it to do the job.

Keep in mind that to be eligible for Adversal, your site must have its own domain name, have at least 50,000 page views per month and must not be restricted by a login.

#5. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

Sovrn //Commerce offers revenue to publishers through content-based commerce with leverage, knowledge, and automation.

By converting regular product links into affiliate links, Sovrn // Commerce allows you to generate passive revenue from clicks and resulting sales.

Monetization tools create competition among advertisers for their traffic, allowing you to get the best price. Detailed information shows which products and advertisers earn more money to optimize their performance. Process automation means that you can concentrate on creating excellent content instead of tracking affiliate revenue.

Then there is Meridian from Sovrn.com, which is a CPM ad network that pays publishers for printing. This means you get money every time your ad is shown, regardless of whether it is clicked or not.

#6. Skimlinks

22 Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money From Your Website/Blog

Skimlinks automates the affiliation of your business content, allowing you to focus on the execution of the site without worrying about setting up affiliate links.

By automatically updating your business content with affiliate links, this tool can improve all your business strategies, including the website, mobile devices, social networks, and email.

Skimlinks membership provides direct access to a global network of 48,500 merchants and 50 demand partners. You can also find merchants that offer special commissions to Skimlinks publishers through the VIP and Preferred Partner Program.

#7. Monumetric

Previously, Blogger Network, Monumetric is a full-service ad revenue partner, which allows you to increase your site revenue and preserve the best user experience for your visitors.

They use CPM instead of CPC, so they pay you for all impressions, and payment rates are one of the best for CPM campaigns. In general, revenue is reported to be much higher than Google AdSense, which makes it an excellent option to increase your passive income.

However, the minimum traffic requirement is 10,000 views per month and there is a 99% installation rate for sites with views between 10,000 and 80,000, so make sure you can generate enough traffic to make the investment. worth it.

#8. Infolinks

Infolinks is a global advertising platform that aims to deliver brand messages to committed users.

The ads are fully customizable and offer a unique channel to improve the click-through rate without altering the appearance of the site. Using an intelligent algorithm to determine relevance and intention, allowing them to deliver relevant ads at optimal times.

Infolinks supports a market of more than 100,000 sites operating in 128 countries and can be integrated with a site in just minutes.

#9. ylliX

Some people look for alternatives to Google AdSense to get better payment rates, and ylliX definitely fits the bill. It is an advertising network that offers many types of desktop ads and mobile devices, including popunder ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads.

It offers instant account approval, fair rates, detailed reports, daily payments and 100% compliance rates, accurate campaign guidance and a self-service platform that gives you full control of your campaigns. Traffic comes from verified sources to ensure quality and increase conversions, and publishers pay nothing to use ylliX.

They also offer a generous referral program, which pays up to $ 100 for each new publisher or active advertiser they recommend, plus 2% of their income or lifetime expenses.

#10. Evadav

Evadav is an advertising network focused on push notifications, but it also offers many adoptions, including banners, video sliders, and native desktop and mobile ads.

When a user registers in their push notification system, they remain connected to their account, generating constant daily income when registering. Evadav also has a referral program that pays 5% of the income made by the nominated publishers, which generates even more passive income with very little work.

All sites are approved to ensure that the ads are safe for the brand, so you will benefit from high-quality traffic and reliable ads.

#11. PopCash

PopCash is a worldwide popunder network with 850 million monthly visitors and 50,000 active publishers.

You can start your campaigns quickly with just a $ 5 deposit and quick approval. Detailed statistics and targeting features allow you to constantly improve the performance of your ads. Publishers can start earning additional revenue in just minutes by implementing the popunder code on their desired pages and submitting their domain for review.

PopCash can be implemented together with AdSense or other advertising options, allowing you to take full advantage of the potential revenue stream of your sites.

#12. PopAds

As the name implies, PopAds specializes in delivering popunder ads, claiming to be the highest-paid advertising network for those ads.

Its network includes advertisers from more than 50 countries and offers a reference scheme for advertisers and publishers. There are many targeting options that allow you to improve your campaigns and you have full control of what you want to pay.

It uses a high-end offer system that allows you to choose how much you want to pay for each popunder. The smaller the offer, the less traffic you will receive. All publisher sites are reviewed by humans to ensure they meet certain quality measures.

#13. RevContent

RevContent helps advertisers leverage a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with some of the world’s largest media brands.

It is a native advertising network, which offers some of the highest quality approval and ad processes in the industry, so you can be sure that your traffic is of high quality and involved. The ads look like related articles, which makes them combine well with your site and have minimal design disruption, and improve clickthrough rates.

They offer an excellent pay-per-click rate, and you can also benefit from the referral program. In fact, if you register through a referral link, Revcontent will approve it faster and pay you more.

#14. Adsterra

Adsterra offers excellent advertising options for publishers and advertisers, allowing them to try a different approach that does not depend on Google.

It is a respected and fast-growing network, which generates more than 10 billion impressions per month. With its easy-to-use platform, Adsterra makes it incredibly easy to monetize your website traffic, making it one of the world’s leading digital advertising companies.

Along with standard ads, such as advertising banners, it also offers innovative ad formats such as popunders, pre-roll video and pushes notifications for desktop computers and mobile devices.

#15. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a PHP ad management script that can also be used as a WordPress plugin, giving you full control of your site’s ad space. A single license can be used on all of its sites, which makes it one of the most economical Google AdSense alternatives.

Once configured, OIO automates most of the sales process. You can also search for the OIO advertising market and reach advertisers. This allows you to negotiate directly with them and build continuous relationships.

To get the most out of the tool, you must be very proactive in finding the best advertisers and offers. However, since there is no intermediary commission, you keep 100% of your income and get paid in advance instead of waiting for payments. Then the effort is worth it.

#16. SHE Media

The SHE Media network of partners specializes in monetizing blogs and websites aimed at women.

Created by and for women, SHE Media Partner Network receives more than 50 million unique visitors per month, which gives publishers a large audience. Through iconic sites like SheKnows.com and #BlogHer, as well as important programs such as #Femvertising and Voices of the Year, the network aims to create a community of premium content for women of all ages and stages of life.

In addition to advertising, they also offer sponsored publications and paid product reviews, which offers publishers even more options to optimize content and monetization.

#17. AdRecover

Adblock has caused many problems for those who depend on advertising revenue. AdRecover aims to reverse this by partnering with Adblock providers to deliver static, non-intrusive and UX-compatible ads to people who use these ad blockers.

This means that you will be able to access very demanding and hard-to-reach users who would not normally be available due to the use of ad blockers.

For publishers, their daily traffic must include at least 10k of visitors who use Adblock to be accepted. You will need to install AdRecover for about a week before your traffic can be checked before your site is approved.

#18. MadAds Media

By working with more than 100 ad networks and advertisers of higher-profile brands on the Internet, MadAds offers excellent fill rates and high-quality traffic.

There are a variety of advertising campaigns available, including CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL, which makes it one of the most versatile alternatives for Adsense. You can also work with optimization specialists to ensure that ad placement and placement generate as much revenue as possible.

You need at least 10,000 page views per day, and your site must be familiar and well designed to be accepted.

#19. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network that helps you find the best combination between advertisers and publishers.

Using preselected traffic sources to generate conversions, Bidvertiser allows you to make the most of your ads. All traffic is fully targeted to control and optimize ad targeting.

It also offers a program of recommendations that pays the recommendations of advertisers and publishers, which means that its advertising network will continue to generate passive income.

#20. Adbuff

This ad network pays for CPC or CPM, so visitors do not have to click on an ad to receive payment. Once the CPM ad is published, you earn revenue simply by viewing them.

If you are looking for AdSense alternatives that offer excellent payment rates, Adbuff is an excellent option. Publishers receive 90% of the advertiser’s revenue, which makes them one of the best payments for online advertising revenue. All ads are suitable for families, so you can be sure of secure brand ads on your site.

Adbuff only accepts sites in English with mainly US traffic. USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. You must also have at least 2,000 monthly visitors to your site to be accepted. Only national advertisers with monthly budgets of $ 1,000 or more are accepted.

#21. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a platform that sells advertising space on your site. While you have control over the value of your advertising space, it is important to avoid prices outside the market.

With advertising channels such as viewing, native performance, sponsored content, and email, BuySellAds offers safe and respectful brand locations instead of intrusive or distracting ads. By posting ads on your network of highly qualified audiences, make the most of all impressions.

When you submit your site for approval, its quality is reviewed. Only high-quality English sites with a minimum of 100,000 visits per month are accepted.

#21. AdClickMedia

AdClickMedia is a digital advertising company that offers CPM and PPC advertising solutions to advertisers and website owners worldwide.

It has more than 6,200 editors, 113 mailing list partners, and 110 million monthly visits, so you can benefit from a wide audience. They also offer subscription advertising, allowing you to show your ads on thousands of blogs and influential websites starting at just $ 49 / month.

There are no minimum traffic requirements, making it an excellent option for newer or less visited sites to increase their revenue.

Bonus: YouTube monetization alternatives

If you use video content, be sure to monetize YouTube.

People often integrate their YouTube channel with AdSense to earn advertising revenue. But you can also use the YouTube Adsense alternatives mentioned below.

These alternative networks are an effective way to monetize your video content:

  • AdRev: This alternative helps to promote your YouTube channel and protect the content of your video. You can easily control your earnings and the minimum payment is $ 10 through PayPal.
  • Freedom: integrates with your multiplatform YouTube channel and connects it with other creators to boost your business. There are no contracts or minimum payments through PayPal.
  • Fullscreen Media: This global network offers brand opportunities to ensure that companies match their content using a variety of ad formats. There is a limit of $ 50 before you can receive a payment.
  • Maker Studio: This alternative is a digital network integrated with the Disney network to boost your channel through promotional opportunities. There is no commitment to participate and payments are sent through PayPal.
  • Machinima: aims to deliver its content to an audience, as well as use brands to distribute content widely. Payment is through PayPal, but there is a 3-year agreement to join the service.

Which Adsense alternatives is the best?

So which Adsense alternative is best for your website or blog?

Well, the answer is: it depends. But if you want to maximize your ad revenue, consider Mediavine.

Mediavine is a private AdSense alternative that only accepts high-quality sites and those with a minimum of 30,000 visits or 25,000 sessions per month.

They manage their ad server, which helps optimize ad placements, imposing better price controls, eliminating intermediaries and working directly with advertisers on their behalf.

Because they not only accept someone, they can negotiate better deals and most sites see an increase in profits when using Mediavine compared to AdSense.


AdSense can be one of the best-known methods to monetize your site. There are many alternatives to Google AdSense, however, you want to experiment if you don’t get the results you want or if you want to diversify your revenue sources.


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