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10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost…

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost…

Choosing the right hosting for your WordPress site is very important. The health of your site will depend on the hosting provider you use.

But how do you know which is the best hosting service for WordPress?

There are so many options to choose from: Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator … etc.

Whichever web hosting provider you choose, remember the 5 most important factors of wp engine web hosting:

  • Server requirements: you must meet the latest WordPress server requirements (PHP 7.3+, MySQL 5.6+, HTTPS and Nginx support, or Apache with mod_rewrite module).
  • Speed: the faster, the better. A good rule of thumb is 1 second. If your WP site loads slower than this, you may want to change a host (if you don’t know the current speed of the site, you can use Pingdom).
  • Uptime: If your hosting activity time is constantly below 99.95%, consider changing. Activity time is the most important factor in choosing a web host.
  • Customer Support: they should help you with questions related to WordPress, preferably through live chat 24/7.
  • Price: the cheaper, the better, but the performance (uptime and speed) should not be affected. Another important fact is transparency. Prices must be fair and direct. Some web servers practice “hiding” their renewal rates or are not clear about certain features.

The WebsiteSetup team purchased hosting accounts for the 10 most popular “WordPress” hosting providers (which meet WP requirements) and monitored their uptime and speed at 12 months. * *

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that you will get results of uptime or speed similar to those of your site, as this will vary in many factors, such as the hosting package you choose, the size of your site and the number of visitors you receive. However, this review should help you have a better idea of ​​what to expect.

10 Best Hosting Service For WordPress Sites 2020

#1. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is a popular hosting service among many small business owners and bloggers. The reason is simple: they have cheap introductory prices for WordPress users ($ 2.75 / month +), are easy to use and have no performance issues.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Bluehost WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.99%
  • Avg. Speed: 348 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, fast responses
  • Perks: Beginner-friendly, reliable performance, https:// (SSL) included
  • Website:

In fact, we discovered that Bluehost has the best value for money. Our activity time and speed monitoring tool have shown us an activity time of 99.99%, with only 11 interruptions (all in less than one hour) and an average page load speed of 348 ms in the last 12 months.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

They are also one of the few web servers officially recommended by the community.

All your plans come with free SSL (https: //), WordPress storage environment and easy WordPress installation feature.

They also offer a great knowledge base of WordPress (more than 80 WordPress tutorials) and a live chat 24 hours, 7 days a week, which makes them a good option.

Its price starts at $ 2.75 / month, which allows you to subscribe for 36 months. The renewal price (after the initial period) is $ 7.99 / month. But this is very common in the hosting market, and almost all popular hosting providers are using it. If you choose to choose them, be sure to follow your hosting plan for a longer period; This helps you save some money. If you are not satisfied with the service, they offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

#2. HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator hosts more than 10 million domains, which makes them one of the most popular hosting providers in the market.

Like Bluehost, HostGator also offers specialized WordPress hosting solutions, such as “WordPress Hosting.”

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
HostGator WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.99%
  • Avg. Speed: 407 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, fast response
  • Perks: Cheap intro price, very reliable, free site migration, unlimited emails
  • Website:

They are the best option for high traffic sites that need faster loading times. The WordPress HostGator plan should make your site faster in different regions, especially for mobile users.

Its average loading time in the last 12 months is 407 ms and the activity time exceeds 99.99%. Its total annual downtime was only 21 minutes, which is quite remarkable. They also offer free site migrations with all their plans.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

All their plans include unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts.

Although their initial prices are cheap, starting at $ 5.95 per month, their renewal rates are higher, $ 9.95 per month. However, if you request the Hostgator coupon code “WEBSITESETUP”, you can get it for $ 3.99 / month.

All your plans come with free site migrations. If you don’t have many websites, the HostGator “managed” best hosting plan for WordPress right for you.

#3. SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is another popular WordPress hosting service and recommended by the community. Since 2004, SightGround has become a large network of more than 800,000 domain names worldwide. Most of its staff are in Bulgaria, but they have servers all over the world.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
SiteGround WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.99%
  • Avg. Speed: 632 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, WordPress knowledgeable
  • Perks: Multiple datacenters, enhanced speed and security optimizations, good WP support
  • Website:

They are one of the least hosts, where you can also change the location of your data center from Europe to the US. Therefore, if your visitors are mainly from Europe, it is probably a good option for you.

In addition, they offer free downloads of WordPress sites, include free CDN (for caching) and image optimizations that, in combination, should make your WP site faster than before.

In terms of uptime, Siteground best WordPress hosting maintained an average uptime of 99.99% (with 30 interruptions), followed by a strong loading time of 632 ms. According to our test, it is not as fast as Bluehost or HostGator, so they reach third place.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

We also tested customer support when connecting to live chat and asked a series of questions to evaluate your support team. They were friendly and helpful, answering questions quickly.

In contrast, SiteGround renewal rates are higher (as are many hosting providers), all of your managed WordPress plans are renewed at $ 11.95 / month (when the initial plan ends). In addition, domain registration costs extra.

#4. A2 WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting is another low-cost WordPress hosting. On the home page, they claim to be 20 times faster than their current hosting. But it’s true?

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
A2 WordPress Hosting

According to our activity speed tests, A2 Hosting was the fastest WordPress hosting provider with 278 ms. However, they were not 20 times faster. They are also highly optimized for WordPress with SSD and Litespeed caching (+ $ 9.31 / month or included in the Turbo plan).

All your plans come with SSL (Let’s Encrypt), free Cloudflare CDN and unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth. As with SiteGround, you can also change the server location in A2 Hosting. They currently offer data centers in the USA (Michigan), USA (Arizona), Amsterdam and Singapore. This is the best option if you choosing WordPress hosting USA.

While live chat is not ideal (it takes about 8 minutes to communicate with them), it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, you can also contact them by phone.

The cheapest WordPress plan starts at $ 2.94 / month for a minimum of 36 months and then renews at $ 5.99 / month. You also get 25 email accounts and unlimited website transfers. A2 can be a convenient host for someone who owns many WordPress sites. Finally, A2 Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Although there were many positive aspects of the A2 hosting, the activity time during the last 12 months was not ideal for us. Reaching 99.93%, with a total of 6 hours of downtime per year.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

#5. GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks is fast, secure and scalable hosting for WordPress users. The name derives from the fact that they are implementing an ecological approach to website hosting.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.99%
  • Avg. Speed: 395 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, email, phone, knowledgebase, and tutorials
  • Perks: Environmentally friendly, unlimited email accounts, free site transfers
  • Website:

All of your WordPress plans come with free SSL, free internal/free CDN, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage. Once you register, you have the option to choose between different server locations in the US. USA, Canada, and Europe. WordPress migrations are free.

On the support side, they have live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, email and phone support, and many tutorials and guides related to WordPress. Your support is usually fast and accurate.

The GreenGeek performance, especially the speed (395 ms), is good and the uptime also looks very reliable (99.99%): only 33 interruptions, with a total of only 1 hour of downtime per year.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

The only drawback is the higher renewal rate. The cheapest plan at $ 2.95 / month is renewed at $ 9.95 / month. The money-back-guarantee is 30 days, but if you accept the “free” domain name offer, your refund will be deducted at $ 13.95 for a domain name registration fee.

#6. Hostinger Wordpress Hosting

Hostinger is a host that has grown a lot because it is one of the cheapest hosts for WordPress sites.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Hostinger Wordpress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.94%
  • Avg. Speed: 347 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, knowledgebase, and tutorials
  • Perks: Cheap, multiple server locations,
  • Website:

Hostinger is originally from Europe but has data centers in the United States, Asia, and Europe. They do not offer the option of choosing a data center immediately, but once you register, you can request their assistance to change the locations of the US servers. To Asia or Europe. A very nice feature that many other hosting companies do not offer.

They also include a WordPress website creator, which is not ideal but can help a beginner a lot. Hostinger also offers live chat 24/7 and has a large library of WordPress guides and tutorials.

Although they are on the cheapest WordPress hosts, their performance is really good. In terms of loading time (347 ms), they were only exceeded by A2 Hosting. The activity time is good: it reaches 99.94% in the last 12 months.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

The cheapest WordPress hosting plan starts at $ 0.80 / month, with a commitment of 48 months, and is renewed at $ 2.15 / month. This plan includes 100 GB of bandwidth and 10 GB of storage, ideal for a smaller WordPress site. In addition, an email account is included with all your plans, in addition to a free SSL certificate. Additional CDN is not included. And if you are not satisfied with your service, you can get a full refund within 30 days after the subscription.

#7. DreamHost WordPress Hosting

DreamHost is a popular and well established hosting service in the USA. With more than 500,000 customers. Like Bluehost and SiteGround, they are also listed as a WordPress host recommended by

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
DreamHost WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.92%
  • Avg. Speed: 587 ms
  • Support: Working hours live chat, tickets, knowledgebase
  • Perks: WordPress website builder, free SSL, SSD storage, https:// included
  • Website:

The goal of DreamHost is simple: be fast, reliable and optimized for WordPress users.

All your WordPress plans (shared, managed and VPS) offer a WordPress website builder, SSL storage and free SSD with unlimited bandwidth.

Website transfers are not free (cost $ 99) and there is no 24/7 support option. They have live chat support, but only open during US business hours.

They do not appear to be an ideal host for a site that serves visitors outside the US. Or Asia, but they certainly provide a stable page speed (587 ms) and an “OK” uptime of 99.92%. There is also no option to choose server locations outside the US.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

DreamHost has managed “high performance” WordPress plans, which are more expensive and cost $ 16.95 / month. The cheapest plan starts at $ 2.59 / month for 36 months and then renews at $ 4.95 / month. Unlike others, DreamHost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee. Email accounts cost $ 19.99 / year more, and the free one-year domain renews $ 15.99 / year.

#8. InMotion WordPress Hosting

InMotion is another WordPress host based in the US. With more than 300,000 domain names.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
InMotion WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.95%
  • Avg. Speed: 815 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, Skype, phone and knowledgebase
  • Perks: Free themes, bold grid WP builder, free site transfer
  • Website:

Many reasons make InMotion a good option for WordPress users. Each plan comes with free SSL, free CDN, unlimited email accounts and 200 free WordPress themes. The only thing they limit is the number of websites you can have, disk space and bandwidth.

They have live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and telephone support from the USA. In addition, site transfers are free (a good advantage) and you can try the pre-installed BoldGrid site generator.

Their activity time and speed numbers are average but reliable enough. Reaching 99.95% uptime and average speed of 815 ms in the last 12 months.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

One of the disadvantages of InMotion Hosting is that there is no instant access to the account. This means that if you are an international customer outside of North America, for example, there may be a delay and problems when trying to verify your new account.

You cannot have multiple sites with the cheapest option, which means that if you have many WordPress sites, you have to pay more.

InMotion has several WordPress plans from $ 6.99 (renews $ 8.99) to $ 105.69, ranging from maximum sites, storage size and bandwidth (maximum number of visitors). In addition, they are also one of the few hosts that offer dedicated solutions for WordPress.

#9. Site5 WordPress Hosting

Site5 is not the cheapest shared WordPress hosting provider. That said, they claim to be the best option for designers and developers, as they have a flexible dashboard, good customer service, and stable hosting.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Site5 WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.99%
  • Avg. Speed: 573 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, fast responses
  • Perks: Good uptime, good support
  • Website:

Like other hosting providers, Site5 offers free Cloudflare CDN, live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and downloads. They also provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The average “real” activity time during the last year was 99.98% and an average speed of 622 ms. It is not as fast as Bluehost or A2 Hosting, but it exceeds many others in uptime (99.98%).

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

The cheapest plan costs $ 6.95 / month for 24 months; it is renewed later at a cost slightly higher than $ 8.95 / month.

What we don’t like about the billing process is that, although they offer a 30-day refund, your hosting will be automatically renewed up to fifteen (15) days before the end of your current period. In addition, you can consider many additional sales, such as updating your plan, as they have done regarding the bandwidth and storage policy.

It is also worth mentioning that Site5’s cheapest WP hosting plan does not have an option to choose between data centers.

#10. iPage WordPress Hosting

IPage also offers “WordPress” hosting. They have two WordPress plans that cost $ 3.75 / month and $ 6.95 / month (renewed at $ 7.49 and $ 10.49 / month, respectively), both plans come with a free Domain name for 1 year. The main objective of IPage is to guarantee the best possible experience, from registration to customer service. They are more for beginners because their $ 6.95 / month plan comes with “specialized” WordPress support.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
iPage WordPress Hosting
  • Avg. Uptime: >99.95%
  • Avg. Speed: 730 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, knowledgebase, phone
  • Perks: Beginner-friendly, reliable performance, https:// included
  • Website:

In a good place, iPage offers telephone support and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both plans come with WordPress installations with a single click, plus a free SSL certificate. Bandwidth and storage are unlimited.

On the negative side, iPage does not offer a content delivery network (CDN), it cannot change data centers (only in the US) and there are no free site transfers (additional $ 150). While the uptime (99.95%) and loading time (730) are not bad, the overall performance is not as good as other WordPress-oriented web servers.

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
Last 12-months Hosting performance

The cheapest plan costs $ 3.75 for 1/12/24/36 months. Monthly and annual packages are renewed at $ 9.99 / month, the 24-month plan is renewed at $ 8.99 and the 36-month plan is renewed at $ 7.99. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included in all plans. Backups are $ 1.00 / month, and email addresses are $ 6 / month.


A detailed analysis of the top 10 WordPress Webhosting providers.

Each review was based on the speed, activity time and cost of our test site. Third-party sources, such as Pingdom, were used to monitor and analyze performance.

In summary, we recommend using a hosting provider that offers a decent uptime of 99.94% and more, keeping load times below 700 ms.

Summary of the best web hosting for WordPress……..

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2020: Uptime, Load Time and Cost...
WordPress Hosting Comparison

We have concluded that you cannot go wrong with HostGator WP Managed, SiteGround or Bluehost. All offer solid uptime, fast page load times, excellent customer service and low introductory prices.

If you already have a host but want to change hosts after reading this post, see this guide here. However, make sure that some of the hosts listed offer free site migrations.

Comments about different hosting providers (WordPress) are welcome in the comments section below.

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